Supply Chain Management Made Simpler

With businesses expanding their production and distribution footprint across the globe, supply chain management has become a lot more complex. Raw materials for products are being sourced from different locations on the planet, which brings significantchallenges for enterprises. It’s not just about transportation, but other key factors as well such as optimizing inventory, matching production with supply& demand, and ensuring the quality of raw materials and finished products.

Evolving consumer preferences also pose a significant challenge, as businesses have to add new features or create new products altogether. Adapting to a fast-changing market requires a robust supply chain management system that can be tweaked or enhanced at short notice. Compliance is another challenge that is putting additional pressure on existing supply chain managementsystems. With stricter compliance rules, enterprises have to address compliance norms at every stage of the supply chain.

How to overcome supply chain management challenges

With so much to do and so much at stake, it is best for businesses to choose advanced supply chain management systems that can track each and every delivery in real time. Here’s how enterprises can overcome supply chain management challenges by deploying automated supply chain management systems:

GPS based tracking:The location of each and every vehicle can be accurately tracked and information about the same can be shared with the client. This will allow enterprises to make suitable adjustments to the production or distribution, depending on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the vehicle. GPS based tracking also helps improve the performance of employees.

Seamless communication: Fleet managers can communicate with employees through text and voice messages. They can also share images within the group. Unhindered communication is essential for dealing with specific situations such as change in deliveryschedule, reporting weather or local issues, coordinating assistance during breakdowns/accidents, etc.

Geo-fence and over-speeding alerts: Fleet managers can get instant notifications about any vehicle that may have crossed its pre-defined boundary or may be over-speeding. In such cases, fleet managers can promptly communicate with the driver and direct them to follow the mandated rules. It will help reduce the risk of accidents, financial losses and damage to goods being transported.

Anytime, anywhere access: Fleet managers can access all the data about fleet operations in a seamless manner through the mobile app that communicates directly with the installed hardware.

Remote fuel cut-off &vehicle immobilization: Fleet managers can take prompt action in case they suspect that the vehicle is being stolen. They can use the mobile app to cut off fuel supply and immobilize the vehicle. This gets done with just a click. In case of a false alarm, the fuel supply can be restored as easily with just a click.

Data and reports: Fleet managers can access a wide variety of data and generate various reports, which will provide an effective assessment of the fleet operations. They can track various parameters such as average speed, routes travelled, time taken for delivery, fuel consumption, etc. Data and reports are vital for ensuring optimal health of the fleet.

Enterprisesthat wantto simplify their supply chain management can choose Mosfet’s findMe 101, a first-of-its-kind supply chain management solution launched in India. Mosfet’s findMe 101 has several other features in addition to the ones described above. It is vital for enterprises that are looking to reduce supply chain management costs, improve efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

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