Survey: Hong Kong Construction Association’s ESG Recognition Scheme Shows Wide Adoption of ESG Actions by Frontline Construction Practitioners, Nearly 70% Participation

Media OutReach Newswire – 10 April 2024 – Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA) launched the “ESG Recognition Scheme” in December 2022 with a funding of HK$10 million, which includes the establishment of an industry-wide ESG database and the provision of rewards for practitioners who establish an ESG work mode through the “ESG BUILD FUN” mobile app. So far, 106 sites have joined the programme, and the mobile app has recorded over 200,000 engagements. A survey conducted by HKCA last month on practitioners participating in the programme found that ESG actions have been widely adopted in the industry, not just by senior executives and management, but also by workers or frontline staff at construction sites who constituted nearly 70% (69.1%) of participants. The survey further revealed that the most common ESG action undertaken was waste recycling (89.1%), and nearly one-fifth (19.1%) participated in 10 or more ESG actions.

Mr. Eddie Lam, MH, President of HKCA (middle), Mr. Rex Wong, JP, First Vice President of HKCA (right) and Mr. Godfrey Leung, SBS, Executive Director of HKCA announced the survey findings of HKCA’s ESG Recognition Scheme.

Mr. Eddie Lam, MH, President of HKCA (left), and Mr. Rex Wong, JP, First Vice President of HKCA (right), presented an electric car as the grand prize to the winner of the Grand Lucky Draw from the “ESG BUILD FUN” mobile app today.

Mr. Eddie Lam, MH, President of HKCA, said, ” HKCA is a pioneer in promoting ESG in this industry and has taken the lead in launching the “ESG Recognition Scheme” to guide the industry in an innovative and sustainable direction, and to work together with the local community to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. We are pleased to see that the scheme has helped our industry actualise ESG efforts in their everyday practice, leading to strong participation, especially from the frontline workers on construction sites. We believe that ESG practices will contribute to the long-term development and progress of the construction industry”.
Mr. Rex Wong, JP, First Vice President of HKCA, pointed out that practitioners hold an optimistic outlook towards ESG in the industry. The survey found that 90% of the respondents agreed (Strongly Agree: 35.5%; Agree: 55.5%) that ESG can propel the industry’s development and progress, and over 90% (91.8%) of respondents indicated that the “ESG Recognition Scheme” helped them to gain a better understanding of the subject. In addition, 87.2% of respondents believing that the construction industry is actively (Very Active: 13.6%; Active: 73.6%) practicing ESG.
Wong added, “the objective of the scheme is to unite the industry in practicing ESG for industry-wide enhancement. Every stakeholder, be it large, medium or small enterprises, owners, management or workers, can contribute to the cause. To establish new behavioural patterns, it is important to deliver straight-forward messages and design actions that are easy to understand. Therefore, the “ESG BUILD FUN” mobile app provides a variety of simple ESG tasks, encouraging everyone to participate through rewards, where even drinking water can earn ‘gold coins’ to exchange for gifts, thus popularising ESG actions.”
Other findings from the “ESG Recognition Scheme Platform” survey:

96.4% of practitioners recognise that ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance;

The top three ESG indicators are: 1) Waste Management (76.4%), 2) Energy and Water Consumption (70.9%) and 3) Health and Safety (47.3%);

More than 90% respondents believe (Definitely will: 30%; Will: 61.8%) that the utilisation of innovation and technology will elevate the industry’s ESG performance;

Half of the respondents (50%) believe that ESG behaviour will become prevalent in the industry within 1 to 3 years;

56.4% of respondents believe that enhancing promotions by the government and industry is the most effective way to improve ESG performance, followed by the provision of incentives (51.8%) and comprehensive training (51.8%).

The “ESG Recognition Scheme” includes the establishment of an industry ESG database, subsidising the use of innovative technologies at construction sites, as well as the use of the “ESG BUILD FUN” mobile app to provide information and rewards to help practitioners establish ESG focused actions at work. Through the app, workers can participate in various ESG activities and earn coins to redeem prizes with a total value of over HK$2 million. Workers can also participate in the Grand Lucky Draw for an electric car. Today, the Association announced the grand prize winners and hosted an award presentation ceremony.
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