Sweaty privates: Here is what you can do to avoid it

It’s normal to sweat when you’re hot. In fact, sweating helps cool down your body. But when it happens in the land down there, it can be irritating. Certain areas of your body, such as your groin area, your armpits are more prone to sweating than others. And the reason behind it is the high concentration of hair follicles or sweat glands at one place. To avoid sweaty privates, here are some tips which you can adopt to avoid it.

  • You may love fashion, but do they love you back? Probably not. Those skinny jeans which make you look hot also raise your temperature down there. When the tight fabric rubs up against your skin, it causes friction and friction to create heat. So go for flowy, loose pants that will allow air to pass through. Loose joggers or wide-leg palazzo pants are the best recommended.
  • For years, moisture-wicking technology has been a staple of athletic wear. Now it’s available for the place you need it the most- your underwear. What this kind of does is, it pulls the moisture away from the skin and to the exterior of the fabric by keeping you dry on the inside. Some of them also come with odour-absorbing molecules that can keep you smelling fresh all day.
  • Pubic hair traps bacteria against your skin. In your private area, it’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Good vaginal bacteria are necessary to prevent an overgrowth of yeast, but at the same time when the bacteria get mixed with the oil and sweat on your pubic hair, it can cause infections and produce a smell. Try getting your pubic hair trimmed instead of going for Brazilian. Though it’s expensive, you can still go for laser treatments and waxing.
  • For armpits, Antiperspirants and deodorants may work but they can cause damage in below the belt areas. Rather than going for sprays and sticks try something made particularly for this area. You can also use a gentle, moisturizing body wash one or two times per day to keep the area clean and can avoid oil and sweat.
  • When you’ve nothing to change into panty liners and pads can act as a saviour for your wet underwear. But some panty liners can make you sweat more because they aren’t breathable and can trap heat in your crotch area. 100 per cent cotton panty liners can help you out when you’re in a pinch.

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