Taking teaching a notch higher: Extramarks launches an all-exclusive ‘The Teaching App’

  • The all-new Live Teaching App allows premium access to over lakhs of questions in the Extramarks repository
  • The platform is also launching a Star Program to increase engagement with school teachers and independent educators
  • Also aims to tap the home tutor segment in India by offering free access to The Teaching App  indefinitely

New Delhi/Noida, March 16, 2022: As per the UNESCO report 2021, India has a deficit of over 1 million school teachers. This warrants the need to deploy technology to bridge the gap between teachers and end-learners, making education interactive, inclusive and accessible. Leveraging 12+ years of expertise in providing holistic learning solutions, Extramarks has launched the ‘The Teaching App’- an advanced teaching platform that extends the benefits of a live classroom teaching experience to school teachers, private teachers, home tutors and coaching staff across the country.

Centred on taking teaching a notch higher, Extramarks – The Teaching App is a 360-degree solution to all the teaching needsWith state-of-the-art teaching technologies at its core, Extramarks-The Teaching App equips school teachers as well as home tutors with cutting-edge tools to create, manage, and track their entire live classes’ schedule on a single platform while automating the mundane and manual documentation tasks. The App lets teachers create, assign and customise assessments with premium access to over lakhs of questions in the Extramarks repository. The app also allows customization of notifications to make the whole teaching experience interactive, engaging and fun.

By allowing the teaching fraternity, including school educators and home tutors, to set up their classrooms anywhere on any device, the Teachers App provides great inclusivity of education delivery in tier 2 and 3 cities. The App ensures a ‘barrier free access’ to teachers beyond metros can expand their learner base across the country and strengthen their entrepreneurial stance while redeeming specific sets of rewards for their day-to-day app usage. With the simple user interface and classroom setup, the platform currently operates on a freemium model for schools and institutes and free of cost for home tutors for indefinite period. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

Speaking on the launch, Ritvik Kulsreshtha, CEO of Extramarks, said, “Since its inception, Extramarks, is actively engaged in solving core problems in the teaching-learning space through continuous innovation. The Teaching App is another step to address the need for an advanced teaching platform. India is home to many educators – school teachers, independent teachers, coaching staff, contractors, and private tutors – and digitalizing their entire teaching journey and bringing it on a single platform will enhance their reach, professional development, and engagement with learners. The app addresses all marginal challenges of access, participation, and continual learning. Keeping in mind the increasing usage of technology in education, the app is designed to make the teaching experience interactive and easy to understand. We are highly bullish on this platform and believe it will open up new avenues of intercity teaching.” 

Following the NEP (National Education Policy) recommendations on teacher education and training, the company also plans to introduce exclusive experiences for teachers to turn them into a new age ‘super teacher’ through academic workshops, skillset-based courses, tutorials, etc.  Based on the Prime Minister’s ‘AI for All’ initiative as part of the NEP, the app will also leverage AI to impart 21st-century skills, empowering school teachers as well as independent tutors. In the next few months, Extramarks aims to scale up the reach of the Teaching app to boost the digital teaching and learning infrastructure.

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