Tata Consumer Products wraps the Mumbai Metro to launch Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India

Launches special Mumbai Cutting Chai at The Mumbai Versova Metro Station

Mumbai, 17th March, 2023: Tata Consumer Products Limited launched Tata Tea Premium – Street Chais of India, a range of teas that honour the distinct flavours inspired by the streets of India. The launch ceremony was held at Versova Metro station, where Mr. Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, revealed the new tea collection. To commemorate the event, the Mumbai Metro, a source of pride for the city, was adorned with the brand’s Mumbai Cutting Chai, which honours the streets and lifestyle of Mumbai. To take forward this approach, the voice that represents street, the renowned rapper, Aarya Jadhao, performed a specially crafted rap that embodied the vibrant essence of Mumbai’s street chai culture within the metro.

cid:image002.png@01D95829.31965720Tata Tea Premium is known for its ‘hyperlocal’ approach to creating distinct blends, and Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India collection has expanded on this approach by not only evoking pride and nostalgia but also bringing alive the hustle and bustle of the city streets with its iconic street chais. The brand wants to offer this experience to its consumers by bringing the flavours inspired by four different regions of India to their homes. The range includes four iconic variants inspired by the signature flavours from the streets of India – Kolkata Street Chai, Mumbai Cutting Chai, Purani Dilli ki Mithai Chai, and Hyderabadi Irani Chai.

Present at the launch, Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said, “The Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India is a unique tea collection that aims to replicate the authentic flavours of the street chai available throughout India. Mumbai boasts a strong tea culture, with many roadside tea stalls and popular tea houses serving a variety of delicious, aromatic teas. The Mumbai Cutting Chai from Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India is an effort to bring alive the same street chai culture of Mumbai. We are joined by rapper Arya Jadhao, who has crafted a rap that vividly captures life in Mumbai’s bustling metropolis. Our goal with Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India is to provide a flavourful experience that transports you on a journey through the bustling streets of Mumbai with every sip.”

Rapper Aarya Jadhao said, “It is an absolute honour for me to be associated with Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India and a pleasure to be able to contribute to the launch of their Street Chai collection. Tea is much more than a beverage in our country and it also stands for the diversity that we are so proud of. It’s an emotion and a fuel that gets people going with their day. A lot of memories of college, friends and singing are associated with tea. Through this song, I have tried to touch the pulse of the city of dreams, Aamchi Mumbai. Millions like me come here to chase their dreams and make their life. And Mumbai ki famous Cutting Chai is what unites us. In the end all we want, is a cup of tea!”

The classic green colour and the rectangular box rightly brings out the premium-ness of the brand and highlights the story behind each variant. The four packs have unique packaging, representing the pride of each city and its various iconic elements. The Mumbai pack exemplifies the city’s pride by featuring the iconic red double-decker bus with the majestic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the background. Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India is a collection that appreciates and celebrates the very local street flavours of India. All variants of Tata Tea Premium Street Chais of India are 250 g, priced at MRP Rs. 145/- (Incl. of all taxes) and available on Ecommerce and Grocery outlets near you.

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