Taxi Butler participates in the PHTM EXPO 2023 on 17 & 18 May 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 12 May 2023: Taxi Butler, the global leader in B2B taxi booking technology for hotels, bars and restaurants, announces its participation as an exhibitor in the annual PHTM Expo 2023 at the Arena MK in Milton Keynes. The Taxi Butler team looks forward to showcasing its complete suite of taxi booking technology, including Guest QR, the next-generation QR taxi booker. at stand number 44 on 17 & 18 May 2023.

Taxi Butler is a complete suite of taxi booking tools that power bookings from venues. At the PHTM, Taxi Butler will exhibit its purpose-built taxi booking device, the Taxi Butler ONE, alongside Guest QR, launched in November 2022, which allows people anywhere inside venues to book taxis with their local taxi company.

Regarding their participation, Taxi Butler’s Sales Director, Laurence Docherty, says, “Being driven by connection and innovation, we always look for new ways to connect taxi fleets more closely with local their venues and passengers. Our purpose built technology automates front desk bookings, allowing venue staff to offer taxis to their guests proactively. With Guest QR placed around the venue, guests can book taxis from anywhere inside the venue using a branded QR code taxi booker.”

Taxi Butler recently launched their Global Taxi Booking Industry Report for Quarter 1 2023. The report features comprehensive data analysis into B2B taxi bookings on a global and regional scale throughout the last quarter. The data that defined Q1 highlights that the taxi industry saw a 2.6% average week-over-week growth in Q1 2023. ANZ and North America witnessed substantial growth, surpassing pre-COVID levels, whilst the UK & Ireland, and Europe are seeing a much slower recovery. The taxi industry shows signs of growth on a more granular level. Check out the full report here.

The award-winning, trusted technology by taxi Butler is active around the globe, with active devices placed across 40+ countries and more than 50 million taxis booked.

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