TeThe first ever ELLE DÉCOR Kitchens & Wardrobes store unveiled at MG Roadsting

New Delhi, 10th February: Broadleaf Kitchen And Decor Private Limited is proud to unveil the opening of the first ever ELLE DÉCOR Kitchens & Wardrobes in India, at MG Road (Delhi), thanks to a Licensing agreement with Lagardère Active Enterprises, the business unit of the French based Lagardère News Group in charge of ELLE DÉCOR Brand’s extension.

Elevating the realms of luxury with gracefulness, Broadleaf Kitchen And Decor Private Limited is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its newest ELLE DÉCOR Kitchens & Wardrobes store at M.G. Road, Delhi. This elite location is set to redefine opulence and sophistication, offering an exquisite assortment of splendid Italian-made modular Kitchens & Wardrobes.

The ELLE DÉCOR Kitchens & Wardrobes first finest store at MG Road, Delhi, is a haven for design enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking to infuse their spaces with unparalleled sophistication. From the moment visitors step through the doors, they are immersed in an ambiance that effortlessly blends opulence and functionality. The store is spread across a wide 4500 square feet area. From sleek and modern bespoke Italian made kitchen designs to impeccably crafted wardrobe solutions, each module in the collection represents the brand’s commitment to characteristic composition of designer quality. The collection seamlessly combines luxury and functionality, offering an extensive selection of over 100 designs in the Kitchen and wardrobe sections.

The brand takes pride in presenting a diverse range of expansive (100+) designs in kitchens and wardrobes, reflecting the perfect harmony of French poise and Italian artistry of skillfulness technique. This collection promises to transform living spaces into showcases of style and functionality, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of discerning customers.

You can explore ELLE DÉCOR’S Kitchens and Wardrobe’s collection by visiting their website at http://www.elledecorkitchens.co.in/

“With this new store, we aim to bring not just kitchens and wardrobes but an exquisite blend of art and functionality into homes. Our designs are crafted with passion and precision, We are committed to providing products and services that exceed expectations, ensuring a seamless blend of style and practicality for every home” Added Rahul Batra, CEO Broadleaf Kitchen And Decor Private Limited.

“As a global home decoration brand, ELLE DÉCOR artfully combines a relaxed, carefree spirit with the elegance of the modern, contemporary home, designed to reflect ELLE’s Parisian roots. We are thrilled to bring to the Indian market a premium collection of kitchens and wardrobes, with finest design and made in Italy, with the launch of the first ELLE DÉCOR Kitchens & Wardrobes collections and store in India. Our brand’s success to date has been thanks to our unique positioning as a global lifestyle brand issued from a media. Thanks to this special relationship with our audience, we are proud to move forward and to propose an innovative retail concept in partnership with Broadleaf Kitchen and Décor Private Limited.”, says Camille Thelu, Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Lagardere Active Enterprises EMEA & India.

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