Thalassemia Prevention programme by internationally renowned Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis conducted at TSCS Hyderabad

Dr. Dimitrios Framakis is among the top medical professionals who is responsible to make the country Cyprus Thalassemia free country, with zero Thalassemia cases

Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis, Esteemed Associate Professor from the University of Cyprus Medical School, Greece, Engages in Vital Discussions with Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS), Hyderabad

Hyderabad, December 02, 2023: Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) Hyderabad today had the esteemed privilege of hosting Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis, an Associate Professor at the University of Cyprus Medical School, Greece. Dr. Farmakis engaged in insightful discussions centred around the prevention of thalassemia. The programme also featured an enlightening presentation on the Complications of β-Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Anemia – Heart disease by Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis and also a panel discussion encompassing various critical aspects. With the efforts of people like Dr. Dimitrios Framakis and many other medical professionals, now the country Cyprus has become the Thalassemia free country, with zero Thalassemia cases.

The sessions traced the origins of thalassemia prevention efforts, and the initial impetus behind addressing this critical health concern. Addressing the challenges faced in the nascent stages of this journey, the discussion reflected on the obstacles encountered and the strategies employed to overcome them. An in-depth analysis of the governmental approach towards tackling thalassemia and the collaboration between public and private sectors in advancing preventive measures.

Highlighting the impactful outcomes and tangible results achieved through concerted efforts, the discussions underscored the positive changes brought about in the realm of thalassemia prevention. A comprehensive overview of the current scenario regarding thalassemia prevention, assessing the strides made, and identifying potential areas for further enhancement.

Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis had a tour around TSCS society and appreciated them for providing their free services to such a large number of patients. He also appreciated TSCS saying it’s the biggest Thalassemia society in the world. Later, he also said he would recommend Thalassemia International Federation (TIF) to join hands with TSCS, so that together they can do miracles in Thalassemia prevention

Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis, Associate Professor at the University of Cyprus Medical School, Greece, has expressed his enthusiasm and said “I am so happy and excited to be part of this incredible moment, where all the expertise has gathered to discuss the eradication of Thalassemia. TSCS is doing really great work which is highly appreciative and the team here should reach their goal to eradicate thalassemia. We will definitely help to take preventive measures to make Thalassemia free country.”

Dr. Chandrakant Agarwal, President of Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society, said “TSCS team is delighted to host Dr. Dimitrios for his contributions to eliminate Thalassemia from their country are incredible, with his suggestions and help we are planning to prevent Thalassemia in Telangana & India. TSCS is always in the forefront to bring unique expertise from other cities & countries to put an end to thalassemia”.

Dr. Dimitrios Farmakis, renowned for his expertise in the medical field, shared invaluable insights and perspectives drawn from his extensive experience, contributing significantly to the discourse on combating thalassemia.

Dr. Suman jain, CEO & Secretary, Mrs. Ratnavali, Vice President, Mr. Naresh Rathi, Chief Patron, Mr. Aleem Baig, Jt. Secretary, Mr. Manoj Rupani, Treasurer, Dr. Ramana D., Past President, Board members: Shiv Ratan, Amin, Rajeshwer and doctors, Sr. Staff and adult patients were also present.

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