The Coach, Corporate woman and Model who is redefining industry standards-Meenal Drockz

A successful corporate woman from Information technology industry, Coach, Motivational speaker, career coach, Ms International America & Ms Asia Canada winner and a model; introducing Meenal Drockz who is changing the stereotypes and breaking the bias.Meenal did her Masters’s degree in New York and established a corporate career in the USA. Meenal was originally born and brought up in Mumbai, India.

From working with the corporate sector to the world of coaching and modeling, Meenal Drockz has been an inspiration to many. Apart from working as an I.T Portfolio Manager in healthcare and managing a team of developers & analysts, Meenal Drockz makes sure that she is able to hustle between her work life, coach life and modeling world. Meenal is a part time weekend model (only available for weekend gigs) and is an internationally recognized Pageant/Runway/Influencer & Business Analyst Coach who is running an award winning online one-one coaching program called ‘Drockz Coaching.’ (

Meenal aces the art of juggling between her work life and her professional hobbies since it not only creates excitement in her life, but also allows her to learn what different industries have to offer.
Coach Drockz’s educational background is very strong. She is an MBA, B.COM, M.COM, C.S, PMIBA and Exim Scrum Master. She came in King World of World Records for being the first ever woman to take initiative on the topic ‘Say No to Heightism.’ Coaching is her side hustle and Drockz says that one of the reasons she has been able to achieve success as a Coach is due to her own wealth of experiences in the field of Corporate and Fashion. She has been show director of over 540 fashion shows and 230 events and currently she gets to Coach/Choreograph in the best international pageants and fashion weeks across the globe. She finds happiness in seeing her students smile and finds it very satisfying that she is able to change personalities by guiding these students in the right direction that is their path to success and fame. Coach Drockz says that she is very blessed that today she is one of the preferred Coaches by clients and feels fortunate that she gets the opportunity to work with various ethnicities that allows her to learn about their country and culture. Her coaching program has produced several winners in international level pageants.

As a career Coach and hiring manager for I.T companies, Meenal mentions that when she interviews candidates for a role such as business analyst or project manager, she looks into their past experience in requirement gathering, analytical and logical ability, problem solving skills, clear communication and good work ethics. She is a firm believer of the fact that more experience in every field that you are passionate about builds a strong resume be it corporate or world of fashion.

Her goal as a Pageant/Runway/Influencer Coach is to bring forward talented individuals who are petite and of short height so that heightism stops forever.

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