Thermax showcases energy transition solutions for industries in Hyderabad at its REDISCOVER roadshow

An exposition-cum-conference to reinforce the company’s commitment as a ‘Trusted Partner in Energy Transition’

Hyderabad: February 23, 2024

Thermax, a leading provider of energy and environment solutions, showcased its latest innovations and green offerings today at Thermax Roadshow – REDISCOVER, a first-of-its-kind knowledge event by the company in Hyderabad.

The exposition featured a lineup of cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies pivotal to making energy transition a reality for industries in the region. These included multi-fuel and biomass-based energy solutions for converting waste to energy, hybrid renewables, bio-CNG, electrical/hybrid heating & cooling solutions, green hydrogen, and energy-saving water solutions, complemented by digital and value-added services.

With businesses in Telangana transitioning towards more efficient energy practices to meet their sustainability targets by 2030, the innovative roadshow by Thermax highlighted alternative energy solutions such as heat pumps and closed-loop cooling towers, which aim to reduce consumption and carbon emissions. Additionally, Thermax presented energy management solutions designed to optimise utility consumption, leading to improved operational efficiencies.

Thermax’s deep-rooted presence in the country is underscored by its 9 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in West and South India. Leveraging this robust infrastructure, Thermax caters to the domestic and export requirements from these facilities.

Recognising Telangana’s focus on the pharmaceutical industry, Thermax aims to unlock the full potential of its recent partnership with TSA Process Equipments, offering high-purity water to customers in this sector.

Sharing his thoughts on Thermax Roadshow – REDISCOVER, MD and CEO Ashish Bhandari said, “Thermax has played and will continue to play an important role in India’s energy sector. There is a gradual shift away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable alternatives, such as biomass-based heating. With the evolving landscape, we are committed to continuous innovation and introducing new energy solutions to address the gap between energy availability and sustainability. Through the REDISCOVER platform, we aim to showcase some of the latest energy transition capabilities and reassure our customers in Telangana that it is possible to pursue sustainability and growth simultaneously.”

Thermax offers customers the flexibility to opt for cutting-edge solutions through various models, including upfront capex investment, going via the opex route, or build-own-operate (BOO) arrangements. Under the BOO model, Thermax assumes responsibility for investment, operation, and maintenance, while customers pay based on utility consumption, akin to metered billing.

The groundbreaking offerings showcased by Thermax at its event in Hyderabad are poised to revolutionise energy generation and usage across key industries including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and textiles, ensuring tangible benefits and long-term viability to businesses in the region.

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