Things to remember before stepping into motherhood: Sonia Rai Vaid

An event was organised for the pregnant ladies who are about to start their motherhood journey at Dr. Bandana Sodhi’s Clinic in Safdarjung Enclave. In the event Dr. Bandana Sodhi and Sonia Rai, birth coach, prenatal yoga instructor and a lactation counselor invited many pregnant ladies and gave session on Labor pain, which is the most common fear of all the mums.

The event was witnessed with many ladies who were there to listen the insightful session by Sonia Rai Vaid . “She started with the all the small steps which needs to be taken during this period and later on through her session she spoke about labor pain which is we know that women are fearful of. so she explained about its signs and when to go to the hospital. She believes Information makes us feel safe and in control. She also discussed relevance of breathing during labor.

The session was concluded with high tea and gifts for the mums.

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