Things you need to remember before travelling to Australia

While Australia is hyped with the Kangaroos, Koala bears, and pristine beaches, there are high chances of you missing out on things or sometimes facing weird situation because of lack of proper information. The continent is huge and consists of a whole world within itself. So without any further delay, let’s get started with the things that you must remember before planning a trip to Australia.

  1. Learn the slangs: Though the Australians speak English, they have their common lingo to have control over Australian English and interact among themselves. So if you are going to travel the place you might as well do while communicating in their local slangs. Remember, if someone in Australia asks you to join them for tea they are more likely inviting you for dinner.
  2. You won’t be seeing wildlife roaming up the streets: Well we are all aware of Australia being famous for the two-legged animals; but, you need to get out of the unrealistic idea of encountering with a Kangaroo on the Australian streets. You must go pay a visit to a zoo or a wildlife park to have a good view of the beautiful creatures.
  3. Australians aren’t introduced with pennies: Everything in Australia is rounded up to nearest five cents. Therefore, you must not expect to get change in return. Also, the notes made there are of plastic and the amount increases, the size of the note increases too. Isn’t that quite different?
  4. Connectivity shall be sacrificed: Unlike London, you cannot expect to be connected in Australia no matter wherever you go. The internet charges are expensive and the service is comparatively slow there.
  5. Experience different summers in different places: Although you are most probably heading onto Australia to enjoy its beaches and get a good tan for the summer holidays, the summers experienced in the entire continent varies from place to place. However, no matter wherever you go keep your sunblocks handy and experience different types of nostalgia by travelling different places in Australia.

Turning up to a BBQ empty-handed is offensive in Australian culture: During your visit to Australia if you are ever invited to a Barbeque never show up empty-handed. Bring some salad along for the meat to be served, you can also offer some meat from your side for the BBQ, or the best option is to grab a bottle of booze along with you. A bottle of wine or champagne serves best for the purpose.

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