Things you need to remember when getting an abortion in USA

Around four states in the United Nations have passed bills that impose a ban on abortion even if a woman is 6 weeks pregnant, while Alabama crossed all the lines by entirely banning abortion. Missouri seems to have taken great inspiration and passed the Senate to apply for a ban on abortion after 8 weeks of gestation and currently awaiting the House’s approval. In this article, we will discuss with you certain facts that you need to know before proceeding with an abortion in the US.

  1. The ban on abortion is not yet effective: If you are a US citizen you must be well aware of the list of places that have applied a complete ban on abortion. Among them, states like –Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky have imposed a ban on abortion after 6 weeks of gestation period. This law is almost similar to that of Alabama as many women aren’t even aware of the fact that they are pregnant until its 6 weeks of time. While the lawmakers of Alabama top the list of all the states of the US by imposing a ban for abortion disregarding even situations of rape or incest. As a matter of fact, the law implemented in all these states is not yet effective and are challenged in the courts. Therefore, getting done your abortion is still possible in all the 50 states.
  2. The law imposed in Georgia is sort of invalid: Recently the lawmakers of Georgia passed a bill that any pregnant who goes through abortion or even faces a miscarriage shall be prosecuted. However, according to the reproductive rights advocate, the law cannot be implemented according to the statement passed. Now the citizens are in a state of dilemma as to what the outcome shall be and in whose favor the decision will roll. Some of the experts say that even if a woman undergoes miscarriage or opts for abortion, she shall be pulled into a criminal investigation of the doctor rather than herself being imposed with criminal charges.

Infants cannot be killed by the doctors: In none parts of the US, the abortion law shall allow the death of infants; which means doctors are strictly prohibited from killing the babies once they have been born else criminal investigation shall proceed. Therefore, women of the United States should get their abortion done before the first trimester of the gestation period ends.

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