Thinking Of Investing: Think Tata AIA ULIPs

Tata AIA funds have consistently outperformed benchmarks.
95.25% of the rated AUM of Tata AIA Life is rated either 4 star or 5 star on a 5-year basis as of January 31st, 2024, by Morningstar Ratings*
As of 29thFebruary’24, the Company’s total Asset Under Management (AUM) was INR 96,532 Cr.

Bengaluru, 5th March, 2024: Over the past few years, Tata AIA, one of India’s leading private life insurers, has consistently introduced new investment opportunities to investors seeking to generate wealth. Exploring several diverse themes, Tata AIA has developed a robust suite of 8 Unit linked products.

These products have generated superior returns over multiple time periods, consistently beating the benchmark. The below table shows the performance of multiple Tata AIA unit linked products across diverse themes.

To add to this outstanding performance is the fact that the funds are also highly rated. 95.25% of the rated AUM of Tata AIA Life is rated either 4 star or 5 star on a 5-year basis as of January 31st, 2024, by Morningstar Ratings*, the global benchmark.

Tata AIA’s investment philosophy reflects an unwavering commitment to policyholders, focusing on delivering superior, consistent, and risk-adjusted long-term returns. Embracing a bottom-up stock-picking strategy backed by a well-defined research process, Tata AIA remains steadfast in sound investment practices, undeterred by market cycles.

To add to the fund performance is the suite of unit linked solutions that consumers can purchase. These includes products like Fortune Pro, Wealth Pro, Fortune Maxima etc. In recent years, Tata AIA has introduced ‘one of its kind’ solutions, namely Investment Linked Plans under the Param Rakshak (PR) series. These solutions enable consumers to avail market linked plans with a higher protection cover, thereby offering the dual benefit of financial security with wealth creation opportunities. Some of these solutions include PR Pro, PR Elite etc, offering wide range of premium payment and payout terms. What more, consumers can avail options like Systematic Withdrawal, in line with their investment needs.

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Description automatically generatedRecently, the company has also introduced Pro-Fit which enables them to invest for future health related expenses while generating wealth through market linked investment. To add to this is the Health & Wellness proposition, with the globally renowned Vitality platform, available only through Tata AIA solutions in India. This allows to adopt a healthy regime and also get discounts on their policy premium amount.

Commenting on Tata AIA’s fund performance, Harshad Patil, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Tata AIA, said, “At Tata AIA, we are committed to offer best-in-class and highly rated investment opportunities to our consumers, coupled with financial security for their loved ones. As Atmanirbhar Bharat continues on its robust growth trajectory, our investors can benefit from the diverse unit linked life insurance solutions that we offer. They can thus be prepared to harness opportunities that life offers, thereby being Har Waqt Ke Liye Taiyaar”.

The long-term prospects for the Indian economy remain promising, bolstered by several key growth drivers, One crucial factor contributing to this optimism is India’s sizeable and rapidly expanding middle class, which continues to fuel consumer spending. This trend coupled with a robust industrial sector, has positioned India as an increasingly attractive investment destination on the global stage. Projections indicate that the Indian economy is poised to achieve a growth rate of around 7% for the fiscal year 2024. Furthermore, with continued momentum, India is widely anticipated to ascend to the ranks of the world’s top three economies by 2030, underscoring its emergence as a significant player in the global economic landscape.

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