This album includes “Alone on the Pacific”, “Yumechiyo Nikki” and others. This is the collection album for the masterpiece of TV drama and films released today

Last year was the anniversary of 25 years after the death of the legendary Japanese composer, Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996).

He has a great reputation as a contemporary composer of the world, representing the 20th century as a whole. His rich and unique tone is known as the “Takemitsu tone”. He is also well known as a big fan of movies and has composed a lot of music for movies as a film music composer.

“Nami no bon, Toru Takemitsu Orchestral Works for Film and Television” was released on Wednesday the 20th of July. This album is a collection of his masterpieces composed for movies and TV dramas, which Toru Takemitsu adored so much.

The conductor is Tadaaki Otaka from the NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo. He was a close associate of Toru Takemitsu and he is the best choice to be a conductor for the music of Toru Takemitsu. As NHK Symphony Orchestra joined in creating the recording, the ultimate combination of “Toru Takemitsu, Tadaaki Otaka, and NHK Symphony Orchestra” was achieved.

The list of music included are thetheme songs, spanning across the 1950s to 80s. There are many classic TV dramas and movies including, “Yumechiyo nikki“ (1981) which is the TV drama with leading actress Sayuri Yoshinaga on NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

The list continues with the TV drama called, “Nami no Bon” (1983), which won the grand prize at the National Arts Festival. This drama was written originally by So Kuramoto who is famous for writing the famous TV drama, “Kita no Kuni Kara”.

The movie called, “Alone on the Pacific” (1963) was also included, which is the documentary of Kenichi Horie (1938- present) who is a Japanese solo yachtsman who became the first person in the world to sail non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. Kenichi Horie managed to sail non-stop across the Pacific Ocean as the oldest person in the world at age 83 last June and this news got so much attention.

Maki Takemitsu, the daughter of Toru Takemitsu, who joined the production of this album in selecting the songs, mentioned about the release of this album as below.

“My father really loved films and when he composed for the film, he read the script and all information documents thoroughly. He took a very long time in that process. He also visited the shooting places.

But I am sure that he might have been very amazed that his music, especially for the film, was played independently. I hope that people will enjoy this album which is full of unique aspects of him as a movie fan.”

The conductor Tadaaki Otaka mentioned that, “Toru Takemitsu is quite famous for his complicated contemporary pieces, but this album has so many beautiful phrases which will make people cry. I can imagine that people might be surprised to listen to it. I hope that people will feel the warm heart of Toru Takemitsu.”

This album has many masterpieces which will make people visualize the films vividly and will touch people’s mind. Please enjoy the world of film music of Toru Takemitsu which has been recognized again 26 years after his death.

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