Three days annual Kaafila Arts Festival of Shiv Nadar School ends with scintillating performances by artists Mukhtiyar Ali and KREON

-The festival witnessed registration from more than 50 schools across India

-The 2023 edition of the event, designed around the theme “Entropy: Time, Order and Chaos”, was aimed to rewire the mind by invoking creativity on the idea of the cycle of structure and havoc that has played a defining role in human history

Delhi NCR, August 19: Concluding its triumphant three-day spectacle of captivating performances, enlightening workshops, and engaging discussions, the fifth edition of Shiv Nadar School’s renowned international arts festival, Kaafila, has ended. Drawing participants from around 50 schools across India, this multidisciplinary extravaganza was centered on the theme ‘Entropy: Time, Order, and Chaos.’ The theme acted as an ice breaker to invoke the thought process on the cycle of structure and havoc that has played a defining role in human History. The theme was open to interpretation under an artistic lens, hoping to foster a conversation on the nature of order and chaos as concepts that are intricately bound to society and mediated by time.

There were 15 competitive events and several collaborative events spanning three days. ‘Bread & Circuses’ featured one-act plays, while ‘Rhythmic Ringers’ showcased diverse dance styles in a single performance. Emerging school bands competed against each other by belting out rocking numbers in the ‘Clash of Bands’ categories. An exceptional array of workshops across all five art forms – Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Photography & Film, led by international experts, including a soulful performance of Sufi and Bhakti songs by Folk Singer Mir Mukhtiyar Ali, contributed to an unforgettable and enriching atmosphere. The event encompassed a dedicated film festival for middle schoolers, a concert for parents and teachers, an extensive Arts Fair, senior student workshops, and a captivating performance by KREON, a talented young electro-music artist from Delhi.

Addressing the students during the event, Anju Soni, the Principal of Shiv Nadar School, Noida, said, “As we bring the curtains down on this remarkable chapter of Kaafila, Shiv Nadar School takes pride in showcasing how art serves as a pathway to unravel intricate themes. The essence of ‘Entropy: Time, Order, and Chaos’ inspired participants to navigate the delicate balance between structure and unpredictability. Witnessing the boundless enthusiasm and creative spirit that our students and participants from across the spectrum have infused is truly heartwarming.”

Manjima Chatterjee, Vice-Principal & Central Arts Curriculum Lead at Shiv Nadar School, said, “Kaafila comes with different themes every year as we want to inspire students to see art in every bit of life. We are happy that this year also, we were able to amplify the festival by organising workshops, demonstrations and lectures for students and teachers conducted by artists across rural and urban spaces and from different parts of the world.”

The student leaders who led the festival, Aarya Mahapatra and Ameya Agarwal, shared their experience of leading this student-led entrepreneurial effort: “Kaafila has given us a great deal of confidence in ourselves as problem solvers, people capable of dreaming of an idea and carrying it to fruition, while balancing spreadsheets along the way! Even apart from engaging with the Arts and deep philosophical concepts, it has given us a feel of the real world and how it works.”

This edition of Kaafila also highlighted the pivotal circumstances that paved the way for the Dandi Satyagraha during pre-independent India. The performance by Community Theatre Tonk from Rajasthan effectively shed light on this historic struggle.

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