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New Year’s is the most exciting time and a period when we get to see a lot of people travelling across the globe. The picture-perfect weather and the festive jingles add to one of the most memorable times ever. While most people are travelling to meet friends and family, this year-end also marks a great time to travel solo.

“We believe everyone must experience travelling solo at least once in their lifetime. There is a different thrill in exploring new places with new people and it teaches us so much about ourselves and about the immense beauty of this universe. Although this can be challenging for some, when done the right way, solo travel can be one of the gifts one can give themselves.” shares Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from the popular influencer duo – That Couple Though.

So if you’ve been looking forward to planning that trip on your own, here’s a checklist of everything to know before you kickstart your amazing travel journey.

1. Plan an experiential Itinerary

New Year has one of the most thrilling activities happening across the globe. Whether it’s music festivals, parties or exciting cultural events, not to forget the snowy hills one can get to experience. Choose a location based on what you wish to explore. Plan a detailed itinerary on spots to cover, events happening and make sure everything is booked well in advance so you can get some extra discounts.

2. Pick shared accommodations

For beginner solo travellers, being alone can become a little daunting unless you are certain to enjoy the solitude. Our recommendation here would be to choose guest houses or shared hostels etc where you can get a chance to meet fellow travellers. This is an excellent way to learn about new things, people and their life and make new friends that will probably be there for a lifetime.

3. Explore Niched Places

This one needs no introduction. The best part about solo travel is that you do not need to adjust to someone else’s travel style. When we are in a group, whether, with family or friends, we have to usually blend in and go as per the majority. But in solo travel, you have complete freedom. Want to go hiking? Surfing? Indulge in the old-school farming experience? Whatever it may be, you can go ahead and independently do the niched activities you truly enjoy.

4. Embrace the local Culture

Culture plays a massive role in travel. When you are solo travelling do not forget to experience the rich and local cultural elements, especially around New Year’s. Each part of the world has a unique way of celebrating the New year. Infact, you will find diversity within countries as well. Try to do some homework and come prepared to explore these traditions.

5. Cherish the time alone

Solitude teaches us a lot of life lessons and while you travel and enjoy the beautiful destinations, don’t forget to take some time off in silence and by yourself. Re-connect with your inner self, nourish your soul and practise gratitude. The universe is abundant and offers us so much beauty and solo travel just makes us realise we are one of those beautiful creations. So, this New Year’s, make sure you thank yourself, enjoy yourself and dance to all things magical!

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