Tips to Ace Class 7 Maths Olympiad

IMO is the International Maths Olympiad. IMO exams are very prestigious exams for maths. These Olympiad examinations help the students and provide them an opportunity to understand their area of interest in the subject of mathematics and help them in overcoming the fear of the subject. When the school announces that Maths Olympiad is going to happen many students get excited and overjoyed for the same. Many students who are maths enthusiasts look for opportunities like this. Some students who have a fear of mathematics, get a boost from their families and teachers so that they can take part in the olympiads and overcome their fear of the subject. Overcoming the fear of the subject is very important to excel in it and learn it well. When the students overcome fear of maths, they are driven to learn maths in a better way and the learning gets promoted by having an intrinsic motivation. Maths is a subject that requires practicing and a student needs to self study in order to be well versed with the subject. 

There are various methods to excel in the IMO exam for class 7 students.

  • Getting to know the syllabus:

Students should give time to be thorough with the syllabus. Maths exams cover vast aspects of the syllabus of the curriculum. Students should always begin with vedic maths. It helps them to master calculation tricks so that they can save time in the exam. Only after practicing for the vedic maths and doing perfect calculations the student should go further with the topics given in the syllabus. The questions would come mostly from the arithmetic section, integers, geometry, algebra, number system, rational numbers, coordinate geometry, Many students are, etc. 

  • Visit the official site of the Olympiad conducting authority to be updated with the correct information:

There are often changes in certain aspects of the paper which the students need to be aware of. There is nothing better than visiting the official website of IMO so that the students can be aware of the accurate information. 

  • Use the internet to boost the preparation

Internet usage depends on the students. They can either choose the internet to be a source for their preparation or waste their time on social media sites like Facebook Twitter Instagram. Students need to decide whether the online reading material is interesting or the means and YouTube videos.

  • Make strategies for time management:

Students understand that studies are important but entertainment is also necessary. Time management is very important to prepare the content in the given time frame. The student should avoid procrastination and stick to the schedule they have managed to make. When we stick to a time frame and do tasks daily in that time our mind gets accommodated accordingly and we work very efficiently. When the students procrastinate it is very difficult to do all the prescribed work on time and this creates heavy loads of backlogs. The backlogs are very hard to manage and end. Backlogs handle preparation and we get very stressed about the same. Eventually, because of the bag logs, we find it very hard to maintain our spirits to manage the work. This leads to the students giving up on their exams.  

  • Practice  as much as possible:

We have often heard the saying practice makes the man perfect. It goes very much hand-in-hand when it comes to a critical subject like mathematics. Only those students who prepare and practice mathematics daily can score well in the subject. Mathematics does not involve theory which one can read and get it done with. It’s a matter of putting in your efforts and time that gives the fruits of excellence in mathematics. 

  • Always seek help from the teachers:

Students should always seek help from the teachers. Teachers are the guides who will hold their fingers and take them to the success they want in their Olympiad examinations. Students need to realize that the teachers who are teaching them are the experts in their field. There is nothing better than asking the experts themselves. The students should utilize the free periods and zero periods in school to seek help from the Teachers for solving certain questions which they are finding difficult. This helps in promoting the doubt clearing aspect of the preparation. Clearing your doubts is very important. Students can always seek help from the internet but sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand the solutions given on the internet because there is not a step-by-step guide to help us in understanding the steps of the questions. Students need the typical help of stone feeding and holding hands sometimes which only the teacher can provide. 

  • Solve the previous years’ papers:

It is the key to every competitive exam as solving the previous years’ papers of the exam helps us in realizing the trends of the exam pattern. Since the questions are asked from the same syllabus, it is practically impossible for the paper setting boards to come up with unique questions every time. Solving different questions from the previous years’ books can sometimes help them by solving the questions as it is. Sometimes the same questions are asked word by word and even the quantities and values are not changed in the problem. The students can follow the different papers like IMO Class 7 Previous Year Paper 2011 and for other years. 

  • Stay stress-free:

Students fail to realize the importance of handling stress and staying stress-free. Maintaining a proper balance and giving time for meditation helps the students to overcome stress and manage their preparations well. There are a lot of ups and downs in the preparations and therefore the students need to keep their minds clear and focus on their preparations entirely. 


The students should keep on putting in their efforts in the right direction as guided by the teachers. They should stop stressing about what the results would be. Because it’s just the process that is important and helps in the long run.

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