Top 10 Sustainability Reporting & ESG Compliance Software

With an ESG compliance and sustainability reporting solution, businesses can now gain insights into their sustainability impact against environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. In addition to promoting business growth, such tools help businesses easily acquire investments for further sustainability projects.

But the question is, from the abundance of ESG compliance software in the market, which one can help collect data, monitor impact and build reports the best? Continue reading this article to learn about the 10 ESG compliance and sustainability reporting tools that showcase sustainability commitment and allow businesses to plan their future projects effectively.

  1. 4Scope by 4Seer

In today’s competitive business environment, embracing sustainability isn’t just about doing good—it’s about thriving. 4Seer leads the charge with innovative solutions designed to empower businesses to navigate sustainability challenges effectively. Enter 4Scope: a cutting-edge ESG Reporting & Compliance software that sets a new standard in sustainability management.

At its essence, 4Scope enables organizations to seamlessly align with leading frameworks like GRI, SASB, IFRS, etc.  ensuring robust compliance with ESG reporting requirements. But it doesn’t stop there. This powerful platform fosters stakeholder collaboration, facilitates the measurement and monitoring of ESG metrics (Net Zero Goals, Social Consciousness, Organizational Governance)  and simplifies the generation of consolidated ESG reports—all in one intuitive interface.

Yet, the true value of 4Scope lies in its ability to drive actionable insights. By providing clear, user-friendly views and enabling tracking of sustainability progress, it equips businesses with the tools they need to prioritize initiatives effectively and make informed decisions. In essence, 4Scope isn’t just a software solution—it’s a catalyst for sustainable success in today’s business landscape


Head Office: Rajesh Chambers, Brunton Road, Craig Park Layout, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India- 560025

Contact Number: +91-8075549575


  1. Workiva

Workiva is a leading figure among ESG software companies that offers a full range of ESG reporting solutions to help businesses streamline ESG reporting. This cloud platform is designed to provide collaboration, data integration and an audit trail.

Simply put, it unites ESG, audit management, risk and financial reporting in a secure environment to help mitigate risks, simplify complex reporting and enhance productivity. Workiva, as a data collaboration platform, facilitates team collaboration by helping teams work together and connect reports and data while maintaining consistency.


Head Office: Ames, Lowa, United States

  1. IBM Envizi ESG Suite

IBM Envizi ESG suite is an easy to adopt SaaS solution that removes the challenges and complexity of ESG data collection, analysis and reporting. The software not only helps businesses simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of their ESG data but also allows them to harness the power of data.

This way, enterprises can use IBM Envizi to take control of their data and transform them into meaningful insights, build a data foundation and accelerate decarbonization.


Head Office: No. 12, Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, India- 560 029

  1. Greenly

Greenly helps companies in different industries track and formulate carbon emission strategies and raises awareness about sustainability among employees by featuring assessment and reporting tools for all three scopes of the GHG Protocol.

The platform also has functions for stakeholder engagement, compliance management, emissions reduction planning and more. More than 1500 companies trust Greenly as it is effectively helping them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, contribute intelligently and report progress.


Head Office: 30 Stamford St, London SE1 9LX, United Kingdom

Contact Number: +44 7883 282293


  1. Novata

Novata is a multi-user technology that was designed keeping in mind the needs of private equity firms and companies. The platform provides relevant reporting metrics, tools for analysis and reporting to key stakeholders, and a contributory database to store information.

Backed by a founding society of serious players, Novata is a secure and intuitive software that empowers private markets to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive form of capitalism and avoid fragmentation of ESG standards.


Head Office: 915 Broadway 11th Floor New York, NY 10010

Contact Number: 212 506 6289

  1. Diligent

Diligent’s ESG solution gives organizations access to a wide variety of standards and regulatory obligations to measure, track and enhance overall ESG goals progress. This all-in-one platform offers built-in solutions for internal audit, improvement planning and risk management.

Moreover, the ESG compliance software by Diligent helps businesses comply with ESG standards and regulations, benchmark governance practices and educate leadership on new frameworks and developments.


Head Office: 4th Floor, Tower A, Mantri Commercio, Sarjapura Outer Ring Road, Bangalore 560103

Contact Number: 000-800-100-4374


  1. Ecometrica

Another sustainability management platform on this list is Ecometrica. It is the perfect platform for companies that are serious about building their ESG credibility and want to manage their end-to-end sustainability journey with a simplified process.

That is because Ecometrica’s easy-to-use platform caters to all ESG needs and provides automated reporting, management and deep analytics for ESG data to enhance sustainability performance for businesses. Their suite of features uses a centralized data collection and management system to track, analyze and consolidate ESG data, thus facilitating better decision-driven analytics and value creation.


Head Office: 5605 Avenue de Gaspe, Suite 602, Montreal, UC H2T 2A4, Canada

Contact Number: +1-877-841-3385


  1. Benchmark ESG

Benchmark ESG Reporting is a cloud-based analytics software that businesses of all sizes can use to track energy usage, carbon footprint, resource consumption and material costs. This unified platform includes data mining, reporting/analytics, charting, etc, as key features that not only allow administrators to monitor ESG data accuracy but also track its impact and performance.

In other words, the software uses its IT system integration and cross-functional workflow capabilities to centralize and automate ESG data management.


Head Office: 22, Sankey Rd, Abshot Layout, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051

Contact Number: 05137 741 000

  1. SustainIQ

Like all other ESG compliance software on this list, SustainIQ, an award-winning and all-in-one sustainability & ESG software solution, measures, monitors and reports on a business’s environmental, social and economic performance. With this centralized ESG & sustainability reporting tool, businesses can pull all the elements of ESG and sustainability together on one reporting dashboard.

Not only this, but SustainIQ allows for real-time analysis of sustainability performance and that too across individual sites in a company. Overall, the software helps businesses save time and money and build trust in the supply chain, thus creating a transparent and trusted brand.


Head Office: 55, Enterprise House, 59 Adelaide St, Belfast BT2 8FE, United Kingdom

Contact Number: 028 9544 2246


  1. Novisto

Novisto is an ESG platform for sustainability management that businesses use to meet their ESG commitments. The software ensures a suitable integrated dataset for analysis and reporting by aggregating multiple ESG sources.

Businesses for which strong ESG performance matters can use this single dataset to integrate sustainability data and performance with strategic profiles and to automate workflows for reporting ESG scores to regulatory bodies like customers, capital markets and employees.


Head Office: 481 Viger Ave W #200, Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1G6 Canada


If reading this article about the 10 sustainability reporting & ESG compliance software captured your interest in reducing your carbon emissions to further protect the environment from climate change- 4Scope by 4Seer can help you!

The company specializes in software solutions that integrate sustainability, helping businesses reduce waste and environmental impact. So, contact 4Seer today to learn more about their top-notch ESG compliance software and start shaping a brighter and more sustainable future.

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