Top 10 Uses Of Bare Aluminium Wire

The third most abundant element on planet earth, Aluminium has emerged as the preferred choice for a wide variety of industrial and household applications. Aluminium is preferred due to various reasons such as its durability, flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance, recyclability, thermal efficiency and electrical conductivity. It is currently the most produced non-ferrous metal, having surpassed copper in mid-twentieth century.

Depending on client requirements, aluminium is sold in various forms such as ingots, slabs, billets, wire rods, sheets, etc. Bare aluminium wire is also one of the most widely used aluminium products. For better understanding, let’s take a look at some of the most common uses of bare aluminium wire.

Aluminium conductor – Made from high-grade aluminium metal, aluminium conductor is preferred for its superior electrical conductivity. Aluminium conductor wire is also lighter and cheaper than other conductors such as copper. Aluminium conductor is widely used for underground and overhead electricity transmission lines. It is also used in transformers. Aluminium conductor wire is the preferred choice for power, infrastructure and construction industries.

PVC insulated cable – Many PVC insulated cables now have aluminium wire instead of copper wire. These can be manufactured in varied sizes, as per the requirement of the client.

Electrical wires – These are commonly used in most households. These are made using high-grade aluminium conductor wire, which ensures optimal electrical conductivity similar to that of copper.

Motor winding wire– Being lightweight and more affordable, aluminium wire is now preferred as motor winding wire. Aluminium winding wire can be manufactured in different sizes.

Medical equipment – Owing to its non-corrosive, lightweight and durable properties, bare aluminium wire is widely used in medical devices. Some common medical procedures where these devices are used include endoscopy, orthopedic, and specific types of surgical procedures.

Jewelry  (16 Gauge Aluminium wire for Chudi)- Bare aluminium wire is used for a wide variety of jewelry and beading. It is also popular with DIY enthusiasts and folks working on science projects.

Wheel spokes – Bare aluminium wire is commonly used in the manufacturing of wheel spokes. These can be used for bicycle and motorcycle wheels. Aluminium ensures optimal strength and flexibility for these products.

Musical instruments – Many of the stringed instruments such as guitar, violin, cello, sitar, sarangi, etc. make use of bare aluminium wire.

Stationary – Bare aluminium wire is used for making a wide variety of stationary items such as pins, safety pins and paper clips.

Household items – Bare aluminium wire is used in various household items such as clothes hanger, clothes line (washing line), curtain wire, sanitary brush, paint roller, door & window netting, etc.


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