Top 10 weird things found near a lake or a river.

Lakes are not every time considered exciting right. Wait your whole point of view regarding lakes can be changed through this article. Here we are going to discuss some of the weirdest kinds of stuff found near a lake or river.


The Detroit rivers obscure contains in it numerous worthy artefacts from old ages. Divers during their river exuberance were able to find at least six separate canons dating almost 1700s. This was according to a recent story of the Detroit free press. These canons were the part of the hidden treasure of the British soldiers of the 1812 war. They hid a small number of their treasures at the river bed, thus was difficult for the divers to locate them. They found them by touch. In the same year, the divers found a 6000pound weight great Detroit. It was a 2100 passenger steamship. It travelled the great lakes and was recovered later. It is also said to contain the prohibition era vehicles. Divers require having federal permission to explore them.

  1. Dominica’s Boiling Lake

The boiling-lake-water is one of the strangest things found at Dominica’s lakefront. From the name itself, it is clear that the lake is in the state of boiling, the water is boiling. The maelstrom at the centre of the lake is boiling. And among the edges, the temperature is about 160-190 degrees Fahrenheit. The lake was originated from volcanic activity. Thus it is highly unstable and drains out completely. You also get bubbling turmoil most of the times.

  1. A Palace in a Lake

The Jaj Mahal Palace of Jaipur was built for Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. It was built at the 1700s. Due to the severe and frequent drought conditions prevailing in the area, the king decided to build a dam. This could help them to collect water and remove the drought conditions. This complete area also included his palace and his palace was also submerged in it. But fortunately, the palace survived. It is accessible today, although abandoned and considered to be haunted. It exists as an iceberg submerged in the river the floors are still submerged completely.

  1. Lake Baikal – Enormous Quantities of Methane

The lake Baikal the Russian lake contains buildups of methane gas over its surface. They are formed from the river melts and form perfect circles in the lake. The weirdest thing is circles are not always present. But the largest ones are as big as 2miles in diameter. These can be seen from space too. The Russian government has a satellite monitoring of the lake to watch how the lake is melting. This phenomenon can only be seen from space. They are so huge that they can’t be seen from the ground level.


Visitors of the tom sawyer island at Disney land rafting over them drop their valuables over it. They drop not only gums and cellphones in the river but also very big things too. A hundred of valuables are found in the river every year during cleaning. The strangest thing was the Disney land employee once found a desktop computer tower during one of their routine maintenance draining. This news was in the year 2010.

  1. Lake Superior – Surfing on a Lake

Lake surfing is one of the weirdest things that would never come into our imagination. But the Lake Superior has this power. During the right time of the year, the waves of some great lakes create tall waves which are capable of surfing. The time of the year comes only in winter. This season is not compatible with the surfers as the water is around 0-5degrees Celsius cold, it is quite balmy. The surfers need to protect their bodies from the cold by coating Vaseline. Ice clings to their wet-suits, facial hair as the water is choppier than the ocean.

  1. More Lakes in Main Crater Lake

It is the case of lake-ception. Vulcan points the largest island is the world’s largest island on a lake on an island. Vulcan Point is the Main Crater Lake. This lake is present on the Taal Island which is again on Lake Taal that is on Luzon Island. This island is on the Pacific Ocean. The centre island is very small in size; if any more lakes are stuffed in this maze then the island at the centre would be of the size of cocoa puff. The whole thing is a big crater of an active volcano.

  1. Treasures of emerald.

Jay Miscovich an amateur treasure hunter found about 10,000 emeralds at the sea coast. It was estimated to worth about half a billion dollars. The court gave the hunter ownership of the money. He committed suicide out of so much stress.  A few months later, it was discovered that it had been a hoax… kind of. The emeralds were all real and authentic, it worth about 10000 dollars, but it was known later that they were bought from the store and planted by the hunter himself.

  1. An alien spacecraft

The Swedish treasure hunting team found an alien saucer over the Baltic Sea on June 2011. It was submerged in over 250 feet of water. It looked similar to the alien saucer hence named as Baltic Sea anomaly. It was a 70mtr long object with a steel grey colour. There many theories regarding the weirdly shaped object. It is rumoured to be part of the world war. It can be an anti-submarine or an underwater Nazi base. Its collectors sent their samples for research. It was named Baltic Sea anomaly as it seemed a glacial deposit from the ice age.

  1. The ancient city of Alexandria

The city of Alexandria is found in Egypt. It is an ancient city. It was discovered underwater. It was perfectly preserved after being buried too. It was buried for almost 1600 years. It shocked the explorers with its size and the perfect condition it was in.

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