Top 5 AI-based startups to watch out in 2024 that will change the traditional education system in India

The Indian education system in India is witnessing a remarkable transformation with the help of AI tools. Through adaptive algorithms and AI powered technology, startups are making notable stride in the education landscape. From higher education loans to online AI courses, students are being benefited by AI powered platforms and eliminating the traditional educational and borrowing system.

Here we are mentioning 5 innovative companies that will leverage their technology to revolutionise education, offering personalised experience and adaptive learning experience in 2024:

Kuhoo- Kuhoo is a pioneering Edu Fintech platform that aspires to democratise educational opportunities for learners, especially hailing from humble socio-economic backgrounds. Kuhoo was incorporated in 2021 with a sole vision to bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity. It leverages advanced technologies, data science and analytics to customise lending solutions for learners and enable them to get student loans without concomitant worries. The vast knowledge of core Kuhoo members regarding the global education system equips the platform to evaluate loan applications based on a student’s potential to get a job and earn, instead of relying on traditional factors like parent’s income.

AlmaBetter- AlmaBetter is one of India’s best AI-driven tech upskilling platforms to build modern-day technology careers. Since 2020, AlmaBetter has been a pioneer in online education, specializing in niche fields such as Data Science and Web Development, and has become a trusted partner in tech education. AlmaBetter offers outcome-based highly immersive programs based on an AI-driven education model. The programs come with a guaranteed placement for all the students.

upGrad- upGrad is an edtech startup that focuses on providing online courses and professional education. While it’s already established, its continuous innovation and focus on AI could lead to further advancements in personalized learning experiences and industry-relevant education.

Avanse Financial Services- Avanse is an Indian-based NBFC that specializes in education loans, including loans for students pursuing higher education abroad. Avanse offers a range of education loan products designed to cover various aspects of studying abroad, such as tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs.

Cuemath: Cuemath, already mentioned earlier, focuses on AI-driven personalized learning in mathematics. As it continues to expand its reach and refine its AI algorithms, it could play a significant role in transforming how students approach and excel in mathematics.

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