Top 5 AI Companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slated to become the mainstay of future technology platforms and innovations. This is why the world’s top tech companies are currently in the race to create the best possible AI. The company that creates the most powerful AI will stake its claim for the fortunes of the future, just like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others have achieved in the present era. Let’s take a look at the top tech companies that are currently in the race to create the perfect AI.

DeepMind: This tech company is based in London and it is unmistakably the global leader in Artificial Intelligence. It was founded in 2010 and at that time, some of the world’s most talented technology entrepreneurs had invested in the company. DeepMind was acquired by Google in 2014 and it is now a part of the Alphabet Group. DeepMind is focused on evolving new systems in AI that can learn on their own. The folks at DeepMind believe that AI is critical for solving real-world problems and to unlock the mysteries of our universe.

Google Brain: This is a dedicated research team at Google, which is focused on evolving new technologies in deep learning artificial intelligence. As compared to DeepMind, Google Brain works at the more practical level of making AI useful in everyday life. The folks at Google Brain believe that usability will be a key factor that will determine the success of future AI platforms. In a recent achievement, AI systems created by Google Brain were able to devise their own encryption and protect themselves from attacks from other AI machines.

Facebook AI Research (FAIR): This is an initiative by Facebook, wherein it aims to create new platforms for machine learning and new technologies that will make it easier for people to communicate. Communication between people will eventually allow researchers to create new modes of communication between machines and humans and between machines and other machines. The core idea is to evolve AI using all the available tools such as data, algorithms, software, applications, and hardware infrastructure.

OpenAI: This is a non-profit company focused on AI research. The company’s primary goal is to discover a type of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is safe for use. The research team at OpenAI is focused on resolving the fundamental problems of AI. The folks at OpenAI say that an easy way to predict the future is to invent it. The publications and open-source software tools made available by OpenAI are highly valued by the global techcommunity.

Baidu Research: Baidu is a multinational technology company and it has a dedicated AI research department called Baidu Research. One of the primary missions of Baidu Research is to carry out fundamental research in AI with an eye on the future. Till date, Baidu Research has conducted extensive studies in various AI domains such as speech recognition, deep learning, business intelligence, computer vision, data mining, robotics, high performance computing and autonomous driving.


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