Top 5 best bars in Connaught Place

Connaught Place or CP in short,is thelively central hub of New Delhi, widely known for its vibrant mix of retail shops, business hubs, entertainment centers, pubs & bars, budget eateries and fine dining restaurants. Together, these create anenergetic, constantly buzzing atmosphere, which is the hallmark of every great city in the world. Connaught Place becomes even more alluring as the night draws in, with several of its bars, pubs and other hangout places coming alive. Here we map the top 5 best bars in Connaught Place to grab a drink or two.

Castle 9 – The place is popular for its pocket-friendly alcohol prices, offering the best brands of alcohol and a unique selection of wines, cocktails and mocktails. This is the favorite spot for people who do not wish to be burdened with unreasonable alcohol prices. Here, you can get some really great deals on a wide variety of beer options. Castle 9 has in-house DJ, which sets the mood for a grand night ahead, starting at 8 PM, every evening. Food options include North Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. The interiors, decor and overall ambience are good and so is the food and service. The average cost for drinks and food for two people would be around Rs 1,500.

White Waters – With its thoughtfully tailored bar and food menus, White Waters offers one of the best wine and dining experiences in the city. This aqua-marine themed cafe will transport you to the calmness of serene seas. Its spacious balconies offer a panoramic view of Connaught Place and are best suited for a grand night with friends. On the other hand, the private dining area makes for the perfect place to hold your corporate wine and cheese party. The place is also great for some cozy conversations. Food options include Italian, Chinese, North Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Thai. The average cost for drinks and food for two people would be around Rs 2,000.

Monkey Bar – The place is known for its rustic, yet comfortable ambience and some great choices in food and alcohol that are anything but usual. It’s a good place to just chill out, for example, casual get-togethers, hang out with friends, meet ups, parties, etc. Prices are not too high and there are some amazing deals on liquor. The music is peppy and compliments the hangout nature of this gastropub. Food options include American, Asian, European, and North Indian. The average cost for drinks and food for two people would be around Rs 1,500.

Lord of the Drinks – The place lives up to its name, as it has a big and expansive island bar. It is widely known for its rooftop seating, medieval-themed ambience, and cocktails. It offers an extensive cocktail menu including a ‘chuski’ bar and signature cocktails. It also has a diverse food menu with plenty of scrumptious options. You can accompany your meals with classic cocktails and mocktails from the bar menu. Food options include Italian, Chinese, European, North Indian, and American. The average cost for drinks and food for two people would be around Rs 1,400.

Rodeo – The place is widely known for its Gourmet Mexican and Tex-Mex food spread. It is also popular for its exquisite cocktails like Margaritas, Rodeo Martini made from Tequila, draught beer & all Indian &imported beer. Rodeo offers enchanting and mouth-watering dishes such as Enchiladas, Fajitas, Burritos and Tacos.The waiters dressed as cowboys and saddles as bar stools are a unique feature of Rodeo. The lovely bar and foot tapping music make the restaurant an experience to remember. Food options include Finger Food, Italian, Mexican, North Indian, and Tex-Mex. The average cost for drinks and food for two people would be around Rs 2,000.

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