Top 5 Bestselling Toys Of All Time

Toys have fascinated us since our childhood days and for some of us, our love for toys refuses to cease even as adults. It’s not surprising then to know that the global toy industry was worth more than $90 billion in 2019. It is expected to reach $120 billion by end of 2023.

Over the years, several new toys were launched, some of which have turned out to be hugely popular. Several of these toys continue to be in demand even after several decades. For a trip down memory lane, here’s a look at some of the bestselling toys of all time.

Yo-yo – One of the oldest toys in the world, Yo-yo can be traced back to 440 BC. In modern history, Yo-yo was manufactured in United States in 1928. Since it’s a widely produced toy across the globe, it’s nearly impossible to count how many of these are in existence today. Yo-yo toys are still popular among kids and adults alike.

G.I. Joe – A line of action figures, G.I. Joe toys were first launched in US in 1964. These are manufactured by leading toy making company Hasbro and primarily targeted at boys. The idea was that while girls had their dolls to play with, action figures would appeal to boys. The original G.I. Joe toys were 30 cm tall, but the height has been reduced over the years.

Barbie doll – First introduced in US market in 1959, Barbie fashion dolls are produced by Mattel, Inc. Even after several decades, Barbie dolls continue to be a popular toy for girls. More than a billion of these have been sold over the years. To keep them in line with the needs of the current generation, a number of changes have been introduced in recent years. These include Barbie dolls with trendy clothes, different body structures and even varying skin tones.

Hot Wheels – Another bestselling product from the house of Mattel, Hot Wheels were launched in 1968. Over the years, more than 800 models and around 11k variants have been sold across the globe. Estimated production of these toy cars is easily more than four billion.

Rubik’s Cube – Invented by Ernö Rubik, the Rubik’s Cube continues to be popular among kids and adults alike. Most people can still not solve the Rubik’s Cube, which is something that intrigues them and prompts them to keep coming back for another try.

The common thread that connects all these toys is that they are quite simple and yet quite fun and exciting to play with. The above list is based on overall sales as well as the popularity of these toys. Some other bestselling toys that are also worth mentioning include Silly Putty, Super Soaker, Hula Hoop, LEGO, and Transformers.

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