Top 5 Biggest Software Programs (Lines Of Code)

Irrespective of whether we are conscious of it or not, we interact with software programs on a daily basis. It’s in our smartphone, computer, washing machine, car, computer games, websites, and everything else in the digital and electronic realm. Software programs have made life simpler for us, even though we seldom take note of their contributions.

When talking about software programs, one question that comes to mind is which is the biggest software program in terms of lines of code. Answering that may be a bit tough, as not every software makes its code available in public domain. However, based on estimates, we can certainly get a basic idea. Here’s a quick look at some of the largest software programs by lines of code.

Facebook – It was not the first social networking platform, but Facebook has taken the lead over all others. As a matter of fact, Facebook enjoys a type of monopoly in this space. Facebook is estimated to use around 62 million lines of code.

Mac OS – Is the craze for Apple products real or is it just hype? That may be hard to tell, but the number of lines of code used can certainly provide important clues. Mac OS is estimated to use around 86 million lines of code. This is greater than Windows OS that utilizes around 50 million lines of code.

Self-driving car software – As compared to the time when everything on the dashboard was analogue, present day cars are equipped with a range of hi-tech equipment. The technology is even more advanced in self-driving cars that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is estimated that these self-driving cars utilize around 100 million lines of code. And this number will keep increasing, as self-driving cars continue to learn from their experiences.

Google – For anyone reading this, you probably came here via Google search. Google search engine as well as other products like Gmail, maps, etc. have become an inseparable part of our lives. Ever wondered how many lines of code have gone into making such programs? Well, as per estimates, Google software programs employ around 2,000 billion lines of code. No wonder that Google can easily find anything you are searching within seconds.

Human Genome Project (HGP) – This was one of the most ambitious and far-reaching human explorations. It was also different, as it focused inwards instead of the usual external exploration of our planet and cosmos. Started in 1990, the Human Genome Project was launched with the goal to sequence and map the entire genes of human species. The purpose was to map the entire human genome from both physical and functional aspects. The project was completed in 2003. The project involved the use of advanced software, which is estimated to have more than 3,300 billion lines of code. This makes it the biggest software program till date.

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