Top 5 Wealthiest Companies in the World today

There are different classifications of stocks that let you know that value of the company. It is tough to say who is going to stay at the top with new trading taking place during market hours. Market cap is the monetary value determined through a measure called market capitalization. Based on the market cap we’ve pulled together top 5 wealthiest companies in the world as measured by their market cap for your consideration.

  1. Walmart

Walmart which tops the list today as one of the wealthiest companies began as a small discount store with just one location. With the company employing more than 2 million workers the company had risen over the past half-century. Several innovative marketing strategies are being implemented including online shopping and online ordering. The enterprise founded in 1945 has headquarters in Arkansas and Bentonville and is headed by CEO Doug McMillon.

  1. Apple

Exceeding the market cap of a trillion dollars, Apple makes it to the list of being one of the wealthiest companies of the world. The cap of 943.57 billion is enough to keep Apple the richest publically traded company. Though it’s widely known for iPhones and Macbook, Apple’s investment in technology is not limited to its phones. Although it came near to bankruptcy earlier, the company has rebounded and is now well-established around the world.

  1. Microsoft

Established by Bill Gates, Microsoft is the third wealthiest company in the world. With their innovative technologies and programs, it has transformed the world of communication and entertainment. Being the leader in computer software and hardware, the company provides support and enhancement for the internet and widely has been used as operating systems for PCs.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the fourth richest company in the world with a market cap that is nearing a trillion dollars. It is the leader in the Ecommerce marketplace and an online retail giant as well. Since Amazon provides convenient online ordering platform, the mortar retailers have closed their shop food good because they are unable to compete with the giant retail.

  1. Facebook

Initially, this social media company started as a small operation and grew rapidly. Currently, the site is approaching 3 million user mark. Facebook provides a way for people to connect in a network of friends and family and business accounts set up as well for the advertisements of organizations and companies.

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