Top Five Exciting Things To Explore In Jeddah

A bustling city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a commercial, industrial, cultural and tourism hub in the Arab World. Jeddah’s rich history dates back to the more than two millennia, which makes it all the more attractive for travellers. Jeddah is a well-developed city and offers travellers a range of hotels to choose from.

Jeddah is a lot different from the rest of the Arab World, owing to its location along the Red Sea. The Jeddah port is the second busiest in the Arab region. The city’s local cuisine is dominated by seafood, which is quite unalike from other parts of the country. Jeddah is also important from a religious perspective, as it is the primary gateway to Mecca, the most sacred and revered pilgrimage in Islam.

When in the city, you can stay at any of the popular Jeddah hotels. Based on your budget, you can choose affordable options or stay at hotels that offer world-class luxury and amenities. In terms of sightseeing, Jeddah has some of the most exciting things to explore. If you are in Jeddah or planning a trip to the city, here are some of the places you need to add to your itinerary.

Souq Al Alawi

Want to know what people usually shop in the city? A walk inside Souq Al Alawi market can provide you a glimpse of the local life. This is one of the most extensive markets in Saudi Arabia. The market is buzzing with activity at most times. One can buy everything from traditional dresses to local art, Arabian jewelry and tasty food.

Al Shafee Mosque

Built in Ottoman style in 16th century, the Al Shafee Mosque is one of the finest historic mosques in Jeddah. Visitors come here to see the impressive carved redwood doors, the stunning minaret and other exemplary architectural details. The mosque is open to all visitors when prayers are not being held inside the premises.


A popular waterfront in Jeddah, Corniche is most visited during the evening hours on weekends. The place is equipped with various facilities such as outdoor gyms, lush green gardens, swimming bays, children’s play area and a wide variety of cafes and fast-food joints.

Matbouli House Museum

This is where you get to experience the old world charm of traditional Arab houses. A picturesque three-storey building, the Matbouli House Museum is known for its impressive wooden lattice balconies. There’s something unique to explore in every inch of this property including the stairs, floors, and the classic wooden ceilings.

Mecca Gate

Millions of pilgrims have passed through this gate over the years, which is the primary access point to Islam’s holiest city of Mecca. Built in 1979, the Mecca Gate comprises a massive arch structure, representing the sacred book Quran placed on a book stand (rehal).

Jeddah is frequented by business travellers, tourists and people on religious pilgrimage. There’s a lot to explore and learn about this magnificent city. The best time to visit Jeddah is from November to early March when the weather is most favorable (18-29°C). June & July can also be an option, as this is the time for the annual Jeddah Festival (Saudi Arabia Festival), which is attended by thousands of people. Various other festivals and events are held in Jeddah and you can plan your visit accordingly.

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