Top places near India you can visit without Visa

Dalai Lama once said that travelling is a wonderful thing, go to a place you’ve never been before once a year. To satiate the curiosity to see what lies beyond often travellers have to go through some legal formalities to another country, that is, Visa. Though getting a Visa isn’t much trouble but its still amazing to know that there a lot of countries where Indians are allowed to set foot without Visa. Mentioned below are 5 countries to which you can definitely plan a vacation without worrying about getting a Visa.

  1. Mauritius

Though it’s known as an amazing honeymoon destination, it is also a great place for family vacations. To soak in some good memories with your loved ones, watch some of the most spectacular sunsets of your life. Shopping at Port Louis, Sky Diving at Skydive, scuba diving, snorkelling and a lot more things you can enjoy doing at Mauritius.

  1. Hong Kong

Indian passport holders have been granted a visa-free stay period of 14 days which is more than enough to explore the vicinity. Your accessibility to Disneyland becomes a piece of cake. Being one of the most vibrant countries and having a thriving nightlife, it also is a great destination for people who have a craze for shopping. All major airports in India are connected to Hong Kong.

  1. Bhutan

When you hear this country’s name what comes into the mind is the mighty Himalayas, greenery and quaint monasteries. What could be a better place for a soothing, little break! The airport Paro is accessible only via Druk Air from Delhi and Kolkata. If flying isn’t working, one can also drive down.

  1. Jamaica

Since it is a tropical island that picture that comes into mind is a sunny day by the beach, Reggae music playing in the background while sipping on some Pina Coladas. You can find some fantastic resorts at Montego Bay to stay at. With reef-lined coasts, lush green forests with mountains and great nightlife, Jamaica seems to be created so that people could have a perfect vacation

  1. Fiji

Indian passport holders get the privilege of enjoying the palm trees, blue lagoons and some of the best beaches in the world. Being a perfect example of an exotic island there is a lot to see in Fiji. Some places to visit  Fiji are- Navala village, Tomanivi, Bouma International Heritage Park, Denarau Island. Also, the Sigatoka sand dune, yeah you heard that right!

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