Top Plywood Manufacturer In India: Confors Ply

Confors Ply is one of the top plywood manufacturers in India, providing the highest quality services while making sincere efforts to ensure customer happiness. The company offers a wide range of products that are brought together with a strong emphasis on the unique demands of clients in order to generate something different and goal-oriented. All the products are delivered in line with a thorough strategy.


Confors Ply was established in 1996 with the goal of effectively contributing to the country’s economy. AEGL technology makes Confors unique. It is a cutting-edge technique that adds two more alternative layers to the original ply, bonds and presses them to the existing thickness. Through this method, the density of the plywood is nearly doubled, and the shear strength of the glue is increased by more than 40%. Ordinary plywood is completely ineffective against these characteristics. The ultimate thickness of each layer is very thin as a result of the intense pressure and increased layer count, which helps to lessen the tendency for warping and creates a perfect and straight ply. Additionally, it can improve the cohesive action, adhesion, and strength of the plywood, as well as its dimensional stability.


The company is best known for its exceptional quality and a large assortment of plywood products, including block boards, flush doors, shuttering plywood, marine plywood, calibrated plywood, and commercial plywood.


Commercial Plywood

When it comes to commercial plywood, Confors is among the top plywood manufacturers in India. Confors Plywood’s widespread use over the past ten years by consumers speaks volumes about its adaptability and usefulness. To prevent delamination, they are made using the best phenol formaldehyde resin.


Confors commercial plywood is an excellent option for customers looking for durable plywood because the requirements and durability are given special consideration.


Marine Plywood

This plywood is best suited for the challenging and ever-changing Indian climate due to its extremely high shear strength and anti-swelling properties. It is put through vacuum pressure impregnation for a long-lasting preservative solution that will protect it from termite, borer, and other microbial attacks.

AEGL Confors marine plywood is ideal for all coastal applications. The increased density reduces the damaging consequences of the seashore and damp winds.


Calibrated Plywood

A modernised version of conventional plywood is calibrated plywood. It is the ideal plywood for kitchen modular businesses that do not skimp on thickness.


The calibrated plywood is produced at Confors utilising cutting-edge equipment and methods, all while adhering to a strict zero error philosophy.


Shuttering Plywood

There are two types of Confors shuttering plywood: film face and densified.

Confors densified plywood is made under exceptionally high pressure, giving it structural strength and dimensional stability.

A glossy mirror coating on the film face plywood makes construction easier.


Shuttering plywood is widely used to construct bridges, dams, and other structures since they require a sturdy framework and superior finishing.



In terms of blockboards, Confors is among the best wood manufacturers in India. High quality synthetic phenol formaldehyde resin is used to glue Confors blockboards together. It is extremely durable and wear resistant because it is made from carefully chosen species.

Confors blockboard is unique as it combines the durability of solid wood with the gloss of a smooth surface board to produce exclusive and stylish woodwork.


Flush Door

When it comes to quality, Confors flush doors speak for themselves. It offers outstanding stability and durability. It holds the prestigious Bureau of Indian Standards’ ISI certification mark.

Every flush door is meticulously finished to ensure durability and high-quality satisfaction.

Confors flush doors use professionally treated and well-seasoned stiles and rails. Many residential projects have acknowledged the superiority of the frame and fillers utilised within.

Confors flush doors have a straight, solid appearance that adequately comes from seasoned wood of the same species.


Finally, let’s look at the factors that make Confors Ply the leading plywood manufacturer in India.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has certified the Confors products. In fact, the products surpass every requirement of the manufacturing process as stipulated by ISI.

Confors products are made by a reputable, ISO 9001:2000-certified firm, giving you complete assurance of quality. The quality control team documents and oversees everything from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods, ensuring a truly standard service and product.

Confors has always been the first to introduce new techniques. With its improved properties of rigidity, strength, and smoothness, Confors AEGL is a true alternative to wood.

Confors offers eco-friendly products.

A highly qualified team of professionals works hard to deliver unique, premium quality products.


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