Totto Learning Certified for High Education Quality by Education Alliance Finland

Kochi-based Parenting Startup Totto Learning has been certified by Education Alliance Finland for its learning and child development methods.

Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, routinely topping international rankings and evaluations. Education Alliance Finland (EAF) evaluates education technology products based on standards set in and for Finland’s schools, including review by Masters-level Finnish instructors. Earning EAF Certification, formerly known as the Kokoa Standard, is considered an elite-level honour reflecting the highest in pedagogy and technology efficacy.

Totto Learning, a parenting and early learning startup focusing on parenting solutions, announced that it has earned EAF certification after expert evaluation on the company’s learning program and parenting APP. This certification covers the overall program design, assesses pedagogy development and learning engagement. Totto Learning has been rated excellent in both its pedagogical approach for children, and it’s learning engagement for parents. Totto Learning is also the first Indian company in the early learning  segment to be certified by EAF.

“We began building our learning solutions a year ago with the fundamental belief that learning begins at home. And parents are the first and single most important educators in a child’s life! Pandemic or not, this required us to re-imagine home-based early learning interventions, and try micro-innovations in pedagogy and delivery, keeping the millennial parent in mind. We reached out to experts and professionals globally to ensure parents receive the most effective content for the overall learning and development of their children.” states Anoop Erakkil, Co-founder and Academic lead of Totto Learning

“We underwent multiple iterations to improve the pedagogy and the overall quality of our offerings. In the process, we were also looking for an agile way to demonstrate the educational impact. EAF provided a sound evidence-based approach to evaluate and demonstrate our product’s impact. What better way to ensure that than benchmarking our solutions against the best out there in early childhood care and education” Anoop Added

The EAF team shared their observations that Totto Learning presented a modern way of parenting which helps parents to be a vital part of their children’s development. The Totto Parents App gives tons of useful information for parents to educate their children at home through playful and creative activities. Also, the app promotes an individual learning path that focuses on broad-based competencies instead of academic skills.

Olli Vallo, CEO at Education Alliance Finland, said, “Totto Learning has been rated very highly in pedagogy and that the Totto Learning Application is admirable, with its high-quality content. Totto Learning is also the first Indian EAF certified app that promotes early learning”

About Totto learning

Totto Learning is a parenting platform for parents with children below 6 years. Totto Learning empowers parents with the required knowledge about parenting and tools to help engage better with kids in their home environment. Totto brings together experts from childcare and parenting domains, who help parents with on-demand answers to parenting questions, best practices of parenting and more.

Totto in its plans to create better parenting have developed the Totto Nurture program ( Guided learning program) and The Totto Parents App, a unique guide to better parenting. The app allows parents to find early learning activities, new learning games, evaluate the development, as well as get personalised tips and one-on-one professional help from educational experts. Visit to know more.

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