Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) partners with BioAsia 2024 as their Global Sponsor Championing R&D, Data and AI in Life Sciences

~ Seven Queensland organisations lead discussions on R&D, AI, and Data in Life Sciences Sector ~

India, 16th February 2024 – Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ), the dedicated business agency of the Government of Queensland, is pleased to announce its role as the global sponsor for Bio Asia 2024. Scheduled from February 26th to February 28th in Hyderabad, the event will feature esteemed industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators worldwide to delve into the transformative journey of R&D, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data within the life sciences industry and healthcare sector. With the Queensland delegation at the forefront of this transformative endeavour, Bio Asia 2024 is poised to become an event of substantial significance, marking a milestone in the growing collaborative associations between Queensland and India.

Queensland has long prioritized R&D as a vital sector for its economic growth and innovation. With a vibrant ecosystem fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government, Queensland has emerged as an R&D leader, seeking partnerships with international counterparts. Recognizing India’s growing economy and R&D landscape, Queensland views India as a strategic partner. Its participation in BioAsia 2024 marks a significant step in strengthening ties, underscoring Queensland’s commitment to international collaboration and global innovation.

Recent ministerial visits to India such as Minister Cameron Dick, Deputy Premier, Treasurer, and Minister for Trade and Investment, followed by former Minister Sterling Hinchliffe, Minister for Tourism, Innovation, and Sport, have bolstered collaboration in sectors like technology, R&D, life sciences, biotechnology, and AI, aligning with India’s innovation focus.

Expressing his views on this significant partnership, Mr. Abhinav Bhatia, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner – South Asia, Trade and Investment Queensland, remarked, “Our partnership with BioAsia 2024 marks a milestone in our journey to bridge the innovative capacities of Queensland and India in the life sciences domain. This collaboration between Queensland and India is more than a partnership; it’s a strategic alliance that promises to catalyse breakthroughs, ensuring our leadership in global healthcare. We look forward to this opportunity to merge Queensland’s research excellence with India’s pharmaceutical prowess, setting new benchmarks for innovation in the life sciences.”

Distinguished Queensland delegation, including Professor Alan Rowan, Director of the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland (UQ) renowned for his pioneering research in Advanced Nano-Structured Materials, Precision Nanomedicine, and Biomanufacturing. Joining him are Tamanna Monem, Head of Growth & Partnerships, Directorate, at The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), Berghofer, renowned for her strategic vision and expertise in driving sustainable growth initiatives and garnering investments from key sectors like healthcare, MedTech and defence; Professor Prasad Yarlagadda, Dean of Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), an award-winning engineer recognized for his exceptional contributions to engineering and advanced manufacturing and who has received over $18 million in funding for his research and Prof Eliza Whiteside, Head (Research) at UniSQ who has won multiple awards for research in fields like molecular biomarkers, cancer biology, survivorship, and medical materials and technologies. Their primary objective is to foster partnerships with Indian institutes and entities.

Alongside the delegates leading Queensland companies like Microbio which has developed InfectID – a novel molecular diagnostic technology, Southern RNA which specialises in the production of nucleic acid products, Aegros an Australian technology leader in the therapeutic plasma market and Clinials which is a next generation Clinical research platform helping Global Life Science pioneers will be at the forefront, showcasing their groundbreaking work across the entire spectrum of life sciences innovation, from R&D and clinical trials to cutting-edge data & AI applications. This participation along with top Indian pharma leaders will pave the way for dialogue and collaborations in the future and will further solidify Queensland’s position as a global leader in this transformative field.

BioAsia 2024 serves as a pivotal platform for Queensland and India to connect and collaborate in the life sciences sector. This event gathers industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators, fostering discussions on the latest trends, forging strategic partnerships, and accelerating advancements.

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