Travel Surge Sparks 50% Jump in Hospitality Jobs Across India

~The tourism industry also sees an 8% rise in blue-collar hires.~

Bangalore, January 17, 2024: Indeed, a leading global hiring and matching platform, has recently unveiled data indicating a 50% surge in hiring for tourism and hospitality jobs between December 2022 and 2023. Indeed’s quarterly Blue-collar hiring tracker also revealed that blue-collar hiring in the tourism and hospitality industry witnessed an overall 8% increase.

The rise not only signals a noteworthy post-pandemic recovery but also reflects a promising future for the industry while underscoring the job market’s adaptability and resilience in the face of evolving global trends.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)’s Economic Impact Research predicted India to become the third most influential market in the Travel & Tourism industry globally. As per Indeed’s data, hiring in the tourism industry peaked in October 2023 with a 61% rise as compared to December 2022. This can be attributed to multiple reasons such as October being a popular time for tourism owing to weather changes propagating hill station visits, festive season and more.

Top cities that are leading the upsurge in hiring include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Kochi. Delhi NCR accounted for 23% of the job postings, reaffirming its status as the historical and cultural hub of India, characterized by architectural marvels and culinary delights. Following closely, Mumbai and Bengaluru contributed 5.19% and 6.78%, respectively, in terms of job postings. Often called the City of Dreams, Mumbai is a commercial capital demonstrating a diverse workforce and offering vital job prospects. Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather and its offerings such as temples, parks and museums. Overall, these cities take the lead in a variety of tourism-related industries by leveraging their distinct commercial, technological, and cultural advantages. Other cities including Pune (2.33%) and Kochi (2.41%) also contributed significantly to the increase. Commonly known as Kerela’s commercial, industrial and financial capital, Kochi is a port city that not only offers scenic beauty but also a unique culture which gives it the name of the crowning jewel of Kerela’s tourism.

Commenting on this, Head of Sales, Sashi Kumar, said “As we approach National Tourism Day, we must recognise the favorable employment outlook and honour the vibrant spirit of exploration, cross-cultural exchange, and economic advancement owing to the increased hiring prospects. This rise across cities reflects their adaptability and the economic growth that the tourism sector brings to the workforce.”

The hospitality and tourism industry has noted a shift in the priorities of travellers in 2023 with factors like sustainability and hygiene coming to the forefront. Travellers are now more specific about their itineraries and aim for reduction of energy consumption during their travel, by embracing nature and enjoying local experiences. Automation has also entered certain areas where many are indulging in virtual reality tours and booking tickets via chatbots. The tourism sector is shaping as per these new patterns and job creation is taking place accordingly.

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