Tredence Named a Leader in ISG 2023 Analytics Services Report

Tredence was selected as a data engineering and data science services leader among 16 global specialist analytics providers.

San Jose and Bengaluru February 20, 2024 – Tredence, the global data science and AI solutions company, has been recognized as a ‘Leader’ in the Information Services Group’s (ISG) Provider LensTM Analytics Services 2023 report for the second year running. The technology analyst firm evaluated 16 specialist service providers, selecting Tredence as a Leader in the data engineering and data science services categories. The company ranked highest in Portfolio Attractiveness out of 16 established speciality service providers. A blue and white rectangular object with text

ISG recognized Tredence’s leadership in migrating, modernizing, and monetizing enterprise data and building and deploying scalable vertical artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions. Tredence’s teams leverage domain, data science, and AI expertise to create customized data models and AI solutions that solve complex enterprise industry challenges, typically speeding time to value by 50% while also speeding time to scale.

“Tredence has partnered with leading enterprises to solve last-mile AI challenges, bridging the gap between insight creation and value realization,” said Sumit Mehra, Co-founder and CTO of Tredence. “Our investments in building more than 100+ accelerators, innovating new AI solutions, developing strategic alliances, and operating a comprehensive learning academy have paid off by establishing Tredence as a leader in the data, analytics, and AI space. As a result, we can continuously bring cutting-edge solutions to our sophisticated enterprise client base.”

“Tredence is a trusted partner to clients seeking to accelerate their data and analytics modernization journey. Enterprises are racing to build the analytics and AI competencies they’ll need to scale thousands of models in the near future so that they can run and grow a data-driven business. Tredence’s business model, client service approach, and white-labeled domain and functional algorithms are all designed to deliver greater value to enterprise clients. Tredence should be a top choice for industry companies seeking to out-compete in the AI-driven marketplace,” said Prashant Kelker, Chief Strategy Officer, ISG.

“The analytics industry is extremely competitive, with both global consulting consultancies and specialist firms jockeying for enterprise business. Those firms that can partner with enterprises to help them evolve from using descriptive to AI-powered predictive and prescriptive analytics to run and grow their businesses will help architect the new AI economy,” said Gowtham Kumar Sampath, Assistant Director and Principal Analyst, ISG.

Visit the Tredence website to learn more about how we modernize data analytics for our clients or download a copy of the ISG report.

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