Trendy earring styles to scale up every outfit

Most guys find jewelry perplexing, and it’s simple to see why. With decades of limited products in the market, the word “male jewelry” has a negative connotation. But with androgynous styles coming to the forefront of fashion, earrings for men are not as uncommon. 

So here we have listed ways to style earrings for men.

No matter who you are, you can wear men’s earrings in a variety of ways. The most important thing to remember is that an earring (or two) should complement your outfit rather than draw attention to itself.

How to wear an earring with style

Earring, like all other accessories, must complement your outfit. 

  • Match your outfit’s theme. Your earring should match your clothing. Combine unique, informal clothing with colorful, lively earrings. When it comes to professional and formal clothing, keep it simple. Make them as small as possible.
  • Earrings & studs should be tiny and proportional to the rest of your appearance. The earring that is too big or too massive will look out of place, both literally and artistically.
  • Metals should be matched. Earrings are small, but they should be colored or metal and well-suited to go with other accessories.

Consider choosing earrings in the same way that you would choose a suit or tattoo design. There are certain styles to which you’re naturally drawn, and it’s typically best to trust your instincts. There is nothing barring you from wearing a dangly earring if you want to, but you will know if it goes with your outfit instantly or not.

Types of Trendy earrings for men

  • Studs

Studs are available in a variety of forms and sizes. These are constructed of a variety of materials, including white gold, sterling silver, surgical plastic, and platinum. Try not to go overboard with studs. Keep it simple with a silver ball or plain triangle, or go for a simple diamond earrings. They go perfectly with formal as well as casual outfits. 

  • Hoops

Hoops are a touch more daring than a basic stud, but they’re also the most comfortable alternative. You’ll never have to take out a pair of aptly named ‘sleeper’ earrings (intended to be worn at night) if you get them. Although men’s hoop earrings necessitate a unique attitude, if you can pull them off, you’ll be rewarded with a slew of compliments. If you’re a die-hard hoop fan, choose ‘sleeper’ hoops, which you don’t have to take out even at night.

  • Magnetic earrings

Magnetic earrings & studs are alternatives to piercing your ear. These are almost identical to clip-on. They may be worn without piercings but have a magnetic back and front. Simply place the earring on your lobe, and the magnets will take care of the rest. The stud style is excellent for this sort of earring for men, although you can also get the occasional dangly magnetic earring. Just be careful not to choose anything too hefty, as the earring may begin to slip off your ear, disclosing your secret.

  • Novelty earrings

Novelty earrings for men may surely bring a dash of whimsy to your ensemble. There’s bound to be something that piques your interest among the thousands of alternatives offered. Choose a large safety pin for a shocking effect or a funky green dinosaur earring for a cute and funny look. The occasion and your personality will influence your decision. It’s important to remember that novelty item aren’t always appropriate in business settings. Use the weekend, date night, boys’ weekends, or casual workplaces as an occasion to showcase your own personality.

  • Clip-on earrings

Clip-on earrings are ideal for gentlemen who want to wear earrings but aren’t ready or willing to commit to a real piercing. It’s also ideal for workplaces that prohibit males from wearing piercings. These goods have a lot of adaptability and can be used to imitate most different earring types. 

  • Diamond earrings

With diamond earrings for guys, you may add a touch of class and luxury to your look. They do not become kitsch despite their upscale appearance. As a result, you can wear them in a formal outfit. You can also experiment with the shape and size of your men’s diamond earrings. Always look for quality products at the best price when it comes to sophisticated jewelry.


While a feather dangling from your ear would be unsettling at a black-tie occasion, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to earring selection. It depends entirely on the buyer, as each has its own distinct style. Some people may want something quiet, while others may prefer something theatrical. Earrings for men are just one more way to express yourself. We hope with this post we have achieved exactly that.

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