TresVista hosts the Catalyst Impact Summit 2024; an event cementing collaboration for corporate social responsibility

Mumbai, 24th April 2024: TresVista, a global high-end outsourcing firm, has always believed in enhancing its stakeholders’ impact, whether it’s the clients, employees, or the community. The company has partnered with over 20 non-profit organizations to help continue its 17-year-old legacy of driving positive change in the wider community. TresVista, in its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development, recently organized the Catalyst Impact Summit 2024, aimed to foster impactful discussions on the future of corporate social responsibility.

The event’s theme was “Tech for Good,” centered around the potential of technology to drive positive social impact. The event focused on using digital innovations to address pressing global challenges, promote sustainability, and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.

The interactive event reinforced the company’s efforts toward what CSR stands for within the firm – Contribute, Serve, Reform. TresVista’s CSR initiatives are deeply aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of its CSR efforts, the company focuses on partnering with social leaders and creating a sustainable impact through various initiatives ranging from Advisory and Consulting, Volunteering, Events, and Donations. Employees are encouraged to participate in CSR activities and events to develop them into socially responsible leaders. Through these efforts, and with the support of their partners, TresVista has significantly contributed to promoting sustainability and empowering marginalized communities.

Vishal Shah, Executive Director of TresVista said “The objective of Catalyst Impact Summit is greater than TresVista and our operations. It is a platform for likeminded organizations and individuals to cement collaborations for the future of social impact. This year, with the help of our employees and partners, we were able to inspire such collaboration, spark innovation, and drive tangible impact across communities. Our aim now is to magnify this impact next year.”

In the year 2024, TresVista’s employees dedicated over 19,000 hours of volunteer and advisory work across their office locations in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru. These efforts extend beyond immediate assistance, focusing on long-term impact and fostering a culture of responsibility and effective action. By strategically aligning with the SDGs, TresVista aims to create positive change and contribute to a more sustainable and empowered future for all stakeholders.

TresVista’s commitment to social responsibility is not just about celebration; it’s a call to action, inspiring everyone to continue making a difference. The event, appropriately named Catalyst Impact Summit, brought together employees, CSR partners, clients, alumni, and social impact leaders to reflect on collective achievements and explore innovative ways to drive positive change. Through their CSR endeavors, TresVista exemplifies how businesses can integrate economic, social, and environmental responsibilities to build a better world for everyone.

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