Trimaysha : The Ultimate Astrological Research By Astrologer Hemant Barua

Astrology has always taken the world by surprise in a significant manner with its scientific & pragmatic approach. With every upcoming decade, mathematical calculations, and modern astrological tools & techniques and many astrology have established the manner in which the sacred science of astrology has revived humanity. Astrologers have contributed significantly to prove the authenticity and the credibility of this sacred science to the world to the best of their capabilities . The most recent and highly appreciated Trimayasha Remedial Process is a breakthrough light in the domain of astrology. It also happens to be the core research of the World-Renowned Best Astrologer in India Hemant Barua. He is without a flicker of doubt the top astrologer in India who has been felicitated with hundreds of prestigious awards for his contribution to the Astrological community & their research. The list is long but the recent awards that he has bagged are Global Jyotish Shreshtham and International Jyotish Ratan Award for his Trimayasha Remedy Research work. He started his research work for Trimayasha in 2017, and after almost three years of his tireless hard work, he came across the outcome of Trimayasha remedial process. Now, let us help you understand Trimayasha remedy in a more simpler way.What is Trimayasha?

Trimayasha remedial process is used to find out the root cause of the problem in a person’s horoscope by deeply analyzing the planetary positions. Every person has their own Trimayasha code or, we can also say alignment. Once it is calculated, the Trimayasha Remedy helps a person get perfect solutions for all his astrological problems, due to which they face hardships in their lives.

Every human has a planetary influence; no one is an exception to this phenomenon. But sometimes, a wrong alignment of planetary energy in a horoscope can trouble any man greatly. Problems might crop up in Business, Career, Love life, Married life, Progeny, Financial Status, Success, or Fame. In one way or the other, a man can have hurdles and troubles in his life, and despite lots of effort and patience, he or she will most likely fail to fix the issues.

Trimayasha remedy Vs. Gems & Mantra Chanting:

Gems & Mantra Chanting are the most common solution suggested by most astrologers. But their utility has always been a matter of doubt since ages. On the other hand, Trimayasha Remedy is a highly acceptable and effective remedial process. Although, the difficult part is that the Trimayasha Remedial Process is a complicated process to perform for an Individual, which requires a lot of research work and calculations to pinpoint its effect on a person. It is said that when the first time Trimayasha was calculated for a person, it took almost six days, as there was no astrological calculator available to do this type of complex Calculations. But for us there is good news that the best astrologer in India Mr. Hemant Barua has researched and developed a number of methods to calculate the results within the span of just a day. Many Astrology companies have taken his help to implement these calculations in a software programmer for their future benefits. But merely calculating Trimaysha is not a big deal. Formulating the Trimayasha remedial process out of it is the central, crucial part.

Trimayasha helps an astrologer to calculate the root cause of the issue. Every human being has a different DNA and a different Planetary alignment, so it must be calculated separately for each individual. This process is mentioned in Brihatparashara hora shastra in fragments, and Mr. Barua has connected all the dots to make it a complete circle. As per the Best Astrologer In India, Trimayasha stands for the three dimensions or Aspects of Life. They are Good Health, Success, and Happiness. And in every aspect of our life, they are significant and vital that you cannot ignore whatsoever. In many workshops, hundreds of astrologers all around the country were eager to learn this process of Trimayasha remedy from Hemant Barua. He keeps sharing his knowledge in different astrological workshops from time to time. And he is in the process of writing a book on this topic as well which will be helpful for all astrology enthusiasts. This is something that Mr. Barua’s forte is in and if you wish to get yourself a Trimayasha remedy then you can log on to and book an appointment with the top astrologer in India at the earliest. Or else if you want to have a word with him or two then you can also contact +91 9773959523 via WhatsApp or call for telephonic consultations.



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