Two Centuries of wait comes to an End! Legendary Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician; Dev Arastu Panchariya closes mysterious chapter of Physics

Physics as known is the description how nature works. Now nature is everything what can be seen around or what can’t be seen like space, time, waves, energy, atoms and much more. One of the important parts of nature are liquids whose range can vary from a glass of water to large and deep oceans and these are few those natural foundations about whom the awareness is quite less because Physics itself doesn’t say much about those at its root level. About some of the most important questions about liquids was raised in early nineteenth century which were about the geometries formed inside fluids (liquids) when overlaps with any object. This question was so difficult to answer that the greatest scientific legends from Helmholtz to Lord Kelvin to J.J.

Thomson and to even Einstein. All of them and many more like Peter G. Tait, and T. Levi Civita has made attempts to resolve the problem but somehow could not. Long after two centuries since the question first proposed, finally the problem or bizarre question takes rest in the hands of great scientist and polymath Dev Arastu Panchariya. Recently, the way to this highly awaited problem is recognized, validated and published as an important result in one of the eminent journals of the field which is European Journal of Applied Physics.

The original thinker, Dev Arastu pronounce that it took him more than three and a half years to eventually formulate the theory, but in the meantime he has come up with some more brilliant ideas including his recent theory on Artificial Intelligence. The discovery affirms as “The Fluid Discontinuity Theory” (FDT) ( which mathematically shows how exactly any liquid form geometrical system and patterns when inclined to any object and answers one of the oldest and critical scientific mysteries. The theory has many applications like underwater missile launching, it even helps in modeling of fluids in high animated video games and it also introduces many new insights and revelations in quantum and mathematical physics.

As per previous media reports, Dev Arastu often said to be the “Next Einstein” or referred as “The last in series of Geniuses” which this phenomenal discovery even shows better. On a question to the legend about his virtue of gifted brilliance; Prof. Dev Arastu responded quite an iconic and captivating line which goes like – “Genius is when I look & Wisdom is when I breathe”.

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