U POWER Tech unveils tech and business model at ACT EXPO; forges partnerships with multiple North American enterprises

U POWER Tech is an innovative electric vehicle (EV) technology company dedicated to creating vehicles tailored for various scenarios, and it leads the way in skateboard chassis technology. By offering the ultimate standardized UP Super Board and white-label complete vehicle products, U POWER Tech significantly shortens the vehicle development cycle, empowering all scenario owners to achieve freedom in vehicle creation. It is leading the intelligent electric vehicle industry from the profit-less 1.0 era to the profit-maximizing 2.0 era.

Established simultaneously in Shanghai and Silicon Valley in early 2021, U POWER Tech brings together top-tier teams and talents from traditional OEMs, new auto players, internet technology companies, and experts from both Eastern and Western cultures. As an inherently global company, U POWER Tech is deepening its “GLOCAL” development strategy: by integrating the world’s most comprehensive and the most competitive electric vehicle supply chains through skateboard chassis, it enables scenario owners worldwide to build vehicles locally at a faster pace and lower cost.

At the 2024 CES in the United States, U POWER Tech delivered the first batch of skateboard chassis products, the U POWER Super Board, to emerging electric vehicle manufacturers in the United States. U POWER Tech has also signed cooperation agreements with electric vehicle and energy companies in Japan, the Southeast Asia, and Europe, aiming to gradually introduce “Powered by U POWER” electric vehicle skateboard chassis, complete vehicle products, and corresponding energy services in multiple regional markets globally, empowering local businesses to undergo comprehensive electrification transformation.

The skateboard chassis developed by U POWER Tech combines green technology and AI technology. The UP Super Board integrates core functions related to electric vehicle driving through physical decoupling of the upper body and lower chassis and split development. It combines U POWER Tech’s independently developed chassis domain controller and automotive supercomputing platform to provide software and hardware support for autonomous driving algorithms. Starting from commercial logistics scenarios, the first complete vehicle product, the U POWER UP VAN, has received 140,000 orders from markets including North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and China. Mass production testing has been completed, and deliveries will commence in mid-year. Subsequently, U POWER Tech will also focus on providing SUVs and pickups to users for the ultimate scenario experience.

U POWER Tech has received successive investments from top-dollar funds such as ZhenFund and Matrix Partners, as well as automotive industry funds like Bosch’s BOYUAN Capital.

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