uFinance Student Loan: The Preferred Choice for Hong Kong Tertiary Students

Media OutReach Newswire – 11 April 2024 – Nowadays, Hong Kong tertiary students often want to seize every opportunity in their youth, such as applying for an exchange programme, learning new skills, or starting their own business to earn their first pot of gold. However, many students are forced to choose between reality and their dreams due to a lack of funds and a desire not to increase the financial burden to their families. To address the financial stress faced by tertiary students,
uFinance, the Hong Kong student loan platform, now offers
student loans to allow students to enjoy a worry-free tertiary school life. Differ from the traditional banks and financial institutions,
uFinance prioritizes student privacy and offers a tailored loan plan. In addition, if university students encounter difficulties in paying their tuition fees, they can also apply for the uFinance
University Student Tuition Loan, which offers the first-in-Hong Kong “Lowest Interest Guarantee”.
“Borrowing money” is no longer taboo: uFinance student loans can be processed entirely online
Many tertiary students who are new to loans may find it difficult to talk about “borrowing money”, and therefore hesitate during the loan process, missing the opportunities to pursue their dreams. Applying for the
uFinance student loan does not require you to “show up” in person and can be processed entirely online. Applicants only require to fill out the online loan application form and upload the required documents to complete the application process. In addition, customer service representatives will only contact the applicants by phone to process loan approval and identity verification. After successful application, students can also choose to sign the loan contract and transfer money online to solve financial difficulties.
uFinance values customer privacy, keeps loan records confidential
Many tertiary students worry about their loan record being leaked to third parties when applying for student loans. uFinance understands the needs of tertiary students. For the past over 20,000 student loan applications,
uFinance has promised student loan applicants that the personal information and loan records of the applicants will not be disclosed to schools and third parties, and letters will not be mailed to student loan applicants generally. The entire process is conducted over the phone, allowing students to enjoy a worry-free tertiary school life.
uFinance university student tuition loan – Introducing the ‘Lowest Interest Guarantee’ in Hong Kong
The application for Grant Loan/Non Means and other government subsidies involves complicated procedures. If students are unable to apply for the assistance or loans provided by the Student Finance Office in time, they will need to pay extra fines for not paying tuition fees on time. To solve the urgent need of university students, uFinance offers a special
university tuition fee loan. After completing the application, the loan amount will be directly deposited into the school account, without the loan passing through their hands, to help students pay tuition fees as soon as possible. In addition, the ‘University Tuition Tuition Fee Loan’ introduces the ‘Lowest Interest Guarantee’ in Hong Kong for the first time, offering the most favorable interest rate in the Hong Kong market (actual annual interest rate 6%). Applicants can choose a tuition loan of $21,050 per semester and can repay it in 6 to 48 months. After receiving government assistance, students can also choose to repay the remaining principal at any time without paying any fees.
Student Loan Information Platform – Preparing Students for Social Challenges
In addition to relieving students of financial burdens during their studies, uFinance hopes that students can obtain more helpful information for their life planning on the platform, such as internship job vacancies, living encyclopedias, and financial information. uFinance believes that the few years of undergraduate life have a significant impact on the future development of students. Therefore, it hopes that students can equip themselves well before entering society to meet future challenges. Also, uFinance will also cooperate with different businesses to provide students with exclusive discounts, so the tertiary students can develop financial management habits during their studies.
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