UNIABROAD: The Company That Is Helping Indian Students Realise Their International Education Dreams

The number of students moving to study abroad has witnessed massive growth over the years. Given the better quality of education, flexible education system and better career prospects, India ranks second when it comes to countries with the greatest number of students studying abroad. In 2019, this number was 800,000 and it is forecasted that the number will increase up to 1.8 million by 2024. There are many Indian students who harbour the dream of studying at a reputed university abroad. However, very few of them get to realize this dream. Simply put, they go through many complications and obstacles in the process.

UNIABROAD is one company that has been working towards making the dream of studying abroad for Indian students come alive. It is not only helping students secure admission to a university of their choice, it is also making all the necessary arrangements to ensure they do not face any issues while studying in a foreign land. UNIABROAD is the brainchild of its founder and CEO Vikas Murulidhara who wanted to create an entity that would offer adequate support to students planning to study abroad.

Talking about the vision behind UNIABROAD, the founder Vikas Murulidhara says, “What makes UNIABROAD different from companies in this segment is that we offer end-to-end support to students who wish to pursue a course of their choice in a foreign university. Apart from helping them get admission to a university and secure their visa, we also take effective measures to ensure that they feel comfortable while adjusting to a new country and university. In a way, we act as their friend, guide and support system during the entire process.”

Whenever a student is about to move abroad for pursuing a course, they seek guidance and advice from people in their vicinity. However, when you are about to do something that is new or different for you, you reach out to people who know the way. What makes UNIABROAD unique is the fact that it is a company designed and managed by alumni of international universities. They were in the same shoes a few years ago and know what you’ve been going through. Therefore, they tell you exactly what you need to do to get the best out of the opportunity you have landed.

Elaborating on the same, the Operational Manager, Tarun Kumar says, “It is quite natural for students to feel a little nervous and confused when they are about to move into a new country. The nervousness, however, will be much lesser if they get the right guidance and have some clarity about what they are getting into. A majority of our destination experts have graduated, worked or stayed abroad. As a result, we can provide students with real-world experiences. We help students realize their dream of studying in universities based in different countries like UK, USA, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Australia and Dubai. We partner with more than 300 universities offering 100000+ courses.”

One of the things that have drawn a large number of students to UNIABROAD is the fact that the company offers a variety of high-quality services at zero cost. The company has a dedicated platform in the form of UNILEARN that helps students make the necessary preparations to qualify for their language prerequisites and improve their communication skills. This service, like any other service provided by UNIABROAD, is offered free of cost.

“We are headquartered in Oxford, UK, and have Indian offices located in multiple locations. Our corporate office is in Mysuru, Karnataka and branch office is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Students want counselling or guidance when they plan to apply for admission to a foreign university. However, a lot of the companies are not very accessible. We have addressed this issue and therefore, we cater to PAN India students by providing counselling and end-to-end admission support through our physical and virtual office”, says founder Vikas Murulidhara.

The success of a company such as UNIABROAD is mirrored in the success of the students it has assisted. 90% of the students, who have applied through UNIABROAD, have received significant scholarships. With the help of UNIABROAD, students can discover and apply for thousands of international scholarships and get assistance with education loans too. The mentorship provided by the company is not limited to university acceptance. With a dedicated post-admission support team, students get continued support even after their admission process so they don’t have to worry about anything. That’s how UNIABROAD is every aspiring international student’s one-stop destination.

Having set its eye on the horizon of success, UNIABROAD is marching ahead in creating a world where everyone has access to quality education.

Interested to know more about UNIABROAD? Check their website here: www.uniabroad.io

If you are someone planning to kickstart your international education, then register here: www.uniabroad.io/register

Here is the link to one of UNIABROAD’s recent education expo, MUST WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6duDnwIIsQ

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