Uniform Trader uses the power of business to make a difference in their community by advocating for social change

The Mumbai-based family business, Uniform Trader Inc, is doing new things for the world of business ethics. Its contributions during the Covid-19 Pandemic, providing medical kits and other protective gear to doctors and healthcare workers, helped deal with the surge of hospital patients. As society progresses, we need to work together; businesses’ contributions are welcomed, and they inspire the community as a whole. When Uniform Trader started taking orders for preparing medical uniforms, it supplied hundreds of orders for protective gear like surgeon caps, scrub suits, surgical gowns. NGOs and government authorities have also recognised Uniform Trader for its relentless efforts to support and serve. The firm considers its immense responsibility to impoverished families and organises programs to uplift the economically weaker sections of society. Uniform Trader, a brand that helped thousands of healthcare workers with medical equipment and supplies, continues its efforts by pledging 10 per cent of its profits to charitable causes. In addition, the company has launched education programs for children belonging to economically weaker sections. It ensures payment of fees, uniforms, and other stationery items to support their quality education.

Second Generation Entrepreneur and head of the company, Mr Hitesh Gadilkar, shared his vision for the company and said, “We are committed to outdo the best and innovate to adopt sustainability while serving our customers and performing our duty to social causes”. Currently, he is leading an education program for poor children and arranging everything they need for success despite their situation: food, clothes and hygiene products; classes on critical thinking, communication skills, add math – so they can be prepared for life outside school. He is on a mission to support every child in India to have access to quality education. Several customers have come forward to share this mission, and the efforts have also started showing results. There is a feeling among customers that their purchase with Uniform Trader is like contributing to the education of a poor child.

Small-scale family businesses can contribute effectively to serving social causes and be a pillar of strength for the entire social ecosystem. However, it is up to the brands to prioritise their motives and be socially responsible while protecting their financial interests. Brands like Uniform Trader have shown a way to be socially sensitive and reliable in business operations. Such companies are likely an inspiration to many other startups and established businesses to meet the social challenges India faces in local and global environments. Social Contributions are recognised and respected by potential customers of the brands, and it adds to the sustainability of the business. A great example of a socially caring and employee-supportive brand is the Tata Conglomerate, one of the founding pillars of independent India. It is undoubtedly an efficient way to share your success with social and pay back to those who helped the business reach such heights.

Combining brands to support the economy and serve social interests is a great way to build a robust societal foundation. The brands are benefitted from their social image, and their charitable deeds are paid back from what they get from the social ecosystem. Thus, it is a chain reaction that supports the outcome and enhances the input for boosting the results in the next cycle. For example, uniform Trader, a family business firm, shares a bond with society and contributes compassionately to the well-being of impoverished children. This engagement with social causes establishes a mutual relationship between the customers and the brands.

Family businesses like Uniform Trader maintain their legacy of serving society and valuing customer service more than purely financial gains. Calamities could not deviate Indian growth story because of the collective efforts of our industries and their ethics. Uniform Trader is an inspirational story for many other businesses to think ethically and produce sustainably. Management of Uniform Traders Inc. considers themselves lucky to contribute during COVID and serve the nation. They endeavour to continue their social service while providing their clients with the best goods and services.

The challenges of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment are critical impediments to the growth of our nation. Contribution of all sectors, especially industries and businesses, are most welcome to fight against these challenges. It is the collective might of professionals from different fields that India is progressing rapidly as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. But, the MSME sector of India and socially responsible companies like Uniform Trader strengthen the foundations of our fast-growing economy.

Join the movement for socially responsible business practices and support Uniform Trader Inc. Visit www.uniformtrader.com to learn more about the company’s products and how you can make a difference through your purchasing power.

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