Unique Contrast-Free Angioplasty Successfully Treats Critical Artery Blockage at Sahyadri Hospitals

· Interventional Radiologist Successfully Treats Critical Artery Blockage with use of Carbon Dioxide, Minimizing Risk of Kidney Injury for Patient with Renal Transplant

Pune, March 13, 2023: Sambhaji Gadhave, a 62-year-old retired individual from Aklunj, Solapur, underwent a ground-breaking medical procedure at Sahyadri Hospitals to address severe leg pain caused by critical stenosis of the popliteal artery. Having undergone renal transplant surgery in 2017, Mr. Gadhave faced a unique medical challenge due to the potential risks associated with the use of contrast agents, particularly the kidney-specific disadvantages.

Mr. Gadhave was diagnosed with a significant blockage in the popliteal artery, a major blood vessel that supplies blood to the thigh and knee region in the body, causing reduced blood flow to his leg and intense pain, commonly known as a “leg attack.” He was quickly admitted to Sahyadri Hospitals and had a minimally invasive angioplasty. What made this surgery unique was the decision to avoid using a contrast agent, a usual practice in angioplasty, which could have jeopardized Mr. Gadhave’s transplanted kidney. Instead, carbon dioxide was used to see the blood vessels, ensuring the entire procedure was done without any contrast agent.

Dr. Kaurabhi Zade, who is Interventional Radiologist at Sahyadri Hospitals in Pune, performed the procedure, emphasized the significance of this unique approach in mitigating the risks associated with contrast agents and minimizing the potential negative impact on kidney function. Dr. Kaurabhi Zade commented on the distinctive approach, stating, “Given the patient’s history of renal transplant, it was crucial to avoid the use of contrast agents to minimize potential harm to the kidney. The successful application of carbon dioxide for angioplasty in this case showcases our commitment to personalize and safe medical interventions at Sahyadri Hospitals”.

The successful angioplasty not only relieved Mr. Gadhave from the excruciating leg pain associated with the “leg attack” but also minimized the risk of kidney injury, a significant concern for patients with renal transplants. Moreover, as a minimally invasive procedure, Mr. Gadhave was discharged within 24 hours, walking out of the hospital without the need for sutures.

The case of Mr. Sambhaji Gadhave sets a precedent for the successful application of innovative techniques in medical interventions, signalling a new era in patient-centric, risk-mitigating care. This ground-breaking case highlights the importance of personalized patient care, especially for individuals with a history of renal transplant, and sets a precedent for the safe and successful treatment of critical arterial conditions without compromising kidney health.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the disadvantages of using contrast agents in angiography in patients with kidney issues include the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy, a condition that can lead to further deterioration in kidney function.

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