Vatsal Joshi – A Wildlife Enthusiast, Nature Conservationist & Film Maker

Vatsal Joshi, a 23 years old guy hailing from Hyderabad who was born in Rajkot, Gujarat is an example of dedication and enthusiasm for passion. He started as a film maker and today he is the Founder of Krishna Kunj Productions. He is a name behind award winning documentary films titled Life Lesson and Cellphone at south Asia’s biggest film festival in 2017.

Below is a quick conversation that we had with him about his love for nature and wildlife…

1. Tell us something about your passion for Nature.

Ans. So I am nature and wildlife enthusiast. I love to explore the beauty of nature and wildlife and India is the home of many amazing species and is known for it natural surroundings. So I feel its really hard for me to express in words about my passion for wildlife.

2. Can a person have a full time carrier in Wildlife Photography in India ?

Ans. Firstly I am an enthusiast of wildlife as I said, I am not a professional who should be advising on this but a full time carrier in wildlife is something where you need 2 things which I feel. Firstly they have to a field person. That means, they have to understand the wildlife first and secondly they should have a story then it’s easy to capture that beauty of nature I feel.

3. Which part of India you would love to explore if you’re going for a Nature trip.

Ans. So there are multiple places I want to explore like the Jim Corbett, Kabini, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Kaziranga in the north east and so on. Its really hard to set a priority like which one I’ll be going first.

4. What is your dream project as natural history film can you share few details?

Ans. So I have a project which I want to document once and its about a bird Jerdon’s courser and its a critically endangered species and from the entire world its only found in Southern India. So yes this is my project all about and apart from this I have also plans to shoot north east and Western India.

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