VDO.AI Report forecasts a sizzling Q2, enthusiasm to fuel spending with fashion leading at 65%

[New Delhi, India, April 30, 2024] – As temperatures rise in India, so does the demand for summer products, paralleled by a staggering 156% increase in summer-related search terms from January 2024 to the present. Just last year in 2023, Indians spent a remarkable 22,800 billion rupees during the summer season, and this year projections paint an even brighter picture for 2024 with fashion leading the way in the early summer trends by 65% according to surveys conducted by VDO.AI.

The VDO.AI Report delves deep into the opportunities that the summer season presents to advertisers and publishers. With actionable insights, consumer trends, industry trends, and surveys aimed at – maximizing revenue potential and enhancing user engagement during this crucial period.

One of the notable shifts observed in consumer behavior is the significant time spent online by Indians, with more than 52% engaging on news websites, OTT platforms, CTV, and other digital avenues, rather than just social media or streaming platforms. This shift underscores the need for tailored and targeted marketing strategies to capture diverse consumer interests on multiple platforms.

While fashion may be the initial focus for consumers, marketers are reminded that their interests extend far beyond. Some of the big brands in the consumer electronics space are anticipating a double digit growth and have doubled their advertising spends to achieve this growth.

Amitt Sharma, CEO, VDO.AI, said “The digital landscape is undeniably thriving, particularly during the summer months. As highlighted in the report, this burgeoning online presence presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands. By leveraging the insights provided, brands and publishers advertisers can craft targeted strategies to maximize their impact and ROI.”

Rajat Rajwash, Head of Digital Marketing, IDP Education, remarked, “Summer always shines as a golden season for advertisers! As the report rightly emphasizes, the scale of opportunities in summer is truly massive. Summer search trends are currently at a yearly high and are projected to keep growing in the coming months. This report offers advertisers perfect strategies and actionable insights they can leverage in their summer advertising campaigns.”

According to Urmesh Chandra, Head – Digital Marketing at PolicyBazaar.com, “Consumer mindsets are evolving in real-time, marking a significant shift. Building enduring relationships with consumers requires brands to intensify their focus on brand building efforts. The VDO.AI summer report vividly illustrates the evolving consumer funnels, shedding light on their changing behaviors and preferences. Consumers are placing a strong emphasis on brand identity. This report offers invaluable insights into consumer psychology, guiding advertisers on how to strategically capture maximum attention. ”

Rajkumar Remalli, Representative at OpenX, said, “The summer heat feels like a refreshing breeze for advertisers. Consumers are actively shopping for everything from essentials and fashion to electronics and more. It’s no surprise that consumer electronics brands are aiming for double-digit growth this season, as highlighted in the report. This season offers abundant opportunities for brands to capitalize on. The report accurately portrays how the summer season presents the perfect opportunity.”

India’s digital advertising landscape continues to exhibit robust growth, boasting a 23.49% CAGR in digital ad spend. The Summer Report from VDO.AI provides advertisers and publishers with actionable strategies to capitalize on this growth during the summer season.

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