VGR’s CEO – Jatin Wadhwa introduces innovative grooming products in India

In today’s modern world, new innovative ideas mean making lives simpler. People will be happier with those products that can make their life easier, convenient, save their hours, and along with an incredible look, boost confidence level. Keeping these thoughts in mind, the CEO of VGR, Jatin Wadhwa has brought an innovative and new change in the Indian market with grooming products that fulfil individual’s needs.

Sometimes, waking up early in the morning and spending hours styling your hair can be frustrating. Hey! What if you get a product that will help you spend less time and give your hair a detailed look? Yes, this is possible, VGR offers one of the best products “Automatic Curler”. This product gives you an incredible look and makes sure to meet your expectations and needs. Automatic Curler has been designed in such a way that anyone can use it even if you’re it for the first time. Automatic Curler not only saves your time, and effort but also gives you a perfect look and saves your money which you spend by visiting expensive salons.

Let’s take another incredible product and if you’re a traveller then this is for you. VGR offers an amazing Pocket trimmer that comes in smaller sizes but is powerful. This product is easy to carry, gives you a stunning look and the best part is, it gives you more space so that you can put your other important stuff in your bag.

Every single parent on this earth wants their baby to be happy. Parents can’t compromise when it comes to their baby. Parents would love this product offered by the VGR i.e. “Vacuum baby trimmer”. The vacuum baby trimmer has been designed in such a beautiful way, with its suction mechanism, it becomes safe, comfortable, and gentle while grooming. These are just a few examples of the groundbreaking innovations brought forth by VGR.

With a dedicated R&D team continuously exploring new possibilities, the brand remains committed to pushing the boundaries of grooming technology. To explore the full range of VGR’s innovative grooming solutions, visit

Join the movement towards smarter, more efficient grooming and experience the difference that innovation can make in your daily routine.



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