VST Clean India Works Towards Creating a Brighter and Cleaner India

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges which India has been facing for the past several years. Despite carrying out several measures and trying out different techniques, government and private agencies have struggled to come up with the right methods to manage waste. With time, one has seen an increase in the amount of waste loitering around. While some of this waste comes from industries, individuals, too, contribute greatly towards the accumulation of the waste we see lying around.

Landfilling is the most common waste disposal method but has significant drawbacks. During the rainy season, these landfills overflow, contaminating the surrounding areas with polluted water that can cause health problems and harm the environment. Moreover, the accumulation of garbage on the streets makes cities appear unclean and poses a significant health risk. Therefore, it is crucial to develop better ways of managing waste.

VST Clean India, a company which is a part of VST United Group Venture, has emerged as an important name in India’s manufacturing landscape. VST Clean India is an innovative Indian industrial equipment manufacturer dedicated to the “Make in India” initiative. It is a top manufacturer of multi-cleaning equipment for industrial, commercial, and municipal use, as well as special-purpose vehicles in India.

The company, through its high-end technological equipment and innovative methods, is playing a key role in managing waste across all verticals. Apart from managing industrial and commercial waste, it is also helping local waste management bodies do their work more efficiently by providing them with multi-cleaning equipment and special purpose vehicles.

Talking about the mission of VST Clean India, managing director Vikas Yadav says, “The entire team at VST cleanI is working towards the company’s mission of transforming rural, urban and industrial landscape of India by giving people access to new-age industrial, commercial and municipal multi-cleaning equipment along with advanced special purpose vehicles. Through technological innovation, we are enabling the creation of modern waste management practices and contributing our bit towards making India a cleaner and waste-free nation. Our team has achieved fantastic results so far and we hope to achieve several milestones in the near future.”

They offer diverse sweeping machines to maintain cleanliness across various surfaces, versatile floor sweepers for efficient runways, and ensure that city roads, airport runways, and indoor spaces remain pristine. Liquid waste management becomes hassle-free with their super suckers, sewer jetting machines, and suction machines. Their advanced tools efficiently remove liquids, sludge, and debris, promoting clean pipes and environments for healthier communities.

VST Clean India has been providing equipment and tools designed for a variety of waste management tasks and activities. For solid waste management activities, the company has been providing vehicles like hopper or tippers, compactors and hook loaders. For sweeping roads and other areas, it is offering a variety of Sweeping Machines including road sweepers, floor sweepers and runway sweepers. Super Suckers, Suction Machines and Sewer Jetting Machines are being provided for the purpose of Liquid Waste Management. Aerial platforms, Mobile Vans and Scissor lifts are offered in the form of municipal utilities. The different Special Purpose Vehicles provided by the company are road ambulances, Fire Fighters and Oil Spilling Recovery Vehicles.

According to the spokesperson at VST Clean India, the company aims to transform waste collection and management throughout India by utilizing advanced technology. As a firefighting equipment manufacturer, they offer inventive urban solutions that promote efficiency, dependability, and environmental accountability.

Elaborating further on the Services Offered by VST Clean India, Managing Director Vijay Yadav says, “VST cleanI prides itself on being a ‘Make In India’ company. VST Clean India is Multi Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing Company, Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Multi Cleaning Equipment’s and Special Purpose Vehicles Manufacturing Company, We strongly support the various steps and initiatives undertaken by the government including the ‘Clean Green India’ initiative. Through our products, solutions and methods, we are making an attempt to set new benchmarks for cleanliness, efficiency and environmental responsibility. We have to work together towards creating a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come.”

Along with the expertise of our team of trained engineers, VST Clean India offer state-of-the-art facilities. The automated machineries provided by the company come equipped with high-end technologies. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, VST Clean India adheres to high quality standards. In a very short span of time, the company has expanded itself in most parts of the country. In the near future, the team at VST Clean India plans to come up with several more innovative method and technologies that will leads to India becoming a solid example of effective waste management and cleanliness for the world.


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