VUI Live with C-DOT Celebrates the Remarkable UN Award Win for Societal Impact

Gurugram, Haryana, July 03, 2024 – VUI Live, the marketing partner of C-DOT (Centre for Development of Telematics), is elated to celebrate C-DOT’s remarkable achievement of winning the prestigious UN Award for Societal Impact. This recognition underscores the power of a strategic partnership where cutting-edge technology meets impactful marketing.

VUI Live, a company known for its unwavering commitment to fostering a tech-driven environment, is proud to have played a pivotal role in amplifying C-DOT’s impactful work. C-DOT’s dedication to R&D and technological expertise, coupled with VUI Live’s strategic marketing approach, has culminated in this well-deserved international recognition for India. VUI Live, known for its strong tech orientation, has provided invaluable support to C-DOT through its innovative marketing strategies.

C-DOT’s Award-Winning Innovation

C-DOT, a premier telecom research and development center in India, is renowned for its mission to revolutionize the nation’s telecom sector. Their commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies tailored to India’s unique needs shines through their award-winning project, ‘Mobile-Enabled Disaster Resilience through Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerting.’

This groundbreaking initiative was recognized at the WSIS+20 Forum High-Level Event 2024 held in Geneva, Switzerland. C-DOT received the prestigious “Champion” award under the AI, C-7, E-environment category.

The UN award acknowledges C-DOT’s exceptional contribution to strengthening the WSIS outcomes and highlights their dedication to leveraging technology for positive societal impact, particularly in disaster management and emergency preparedness. This recognition underscores India’s commitment to utilizing technology for social good and its role in tackling global challenges with innovative solutions.

VUI Live, the leading MarTech agency, takes pride in recognizing innovators like C-DOT, whose contributions are making a positive impact. VUI Live is dedicated to exemplifying the value of technological advancements, particularly in areas such as disaster preparedness and social good. They aim to motivate others to leverage technology for positive change and build recognition for those who are driving innovation and progress in their respective fields.

VUI Live: A Marketing Partner Committed to Client Success

VUI Live’s unwavering support for C-DOT exemplifies their proven track record of going the extra mile for their clients. They consistently assist their partners in achieving their goals and garnering well-deserved recognition. This win reinforces VUI Live’s expertise in crafting impactful marketing strategies that propel success.

A Collaboration for Progress

C-DOT’s UN Award is a testament to the power of a strategic partnership. The combination of C-DOT’s groundbreaking technological solutions and VUI Live’s effective marketing strategies has resulted in a win not just for the organization, but for India as a whole. This collaboration paves the way for further advancements in leveraging technology for societal benefit.

The partnership between C-DOT and VUI Live has truly been a synergistic blend of C-DOT’s exceptional R&D efforts, technical expertise, and VUI Live’s prowess in marketing. This collaboration has not only propelled technological advancements but has also significantly contributed to positioning India as a leader in technological innovation on a global stage.

About VUI Live

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