Warehouse automation player NIDO Group Partners with 1Pharmacy to revolutionize E-Pharma Fulfillment Process

NIDO Group & 1Pharmacy combined solutions to accelerate Urmedz’s fulfillment and sorting operations

The solution to double Urmedz’s order processing capacity

Mumbai, June 25, 2024: NIDO Group, a leading player in warehouse automation, is excited to announce its strategic integration with 1Pharmacy, a leading innovative tech solutions company powering stakeholders across the pharmaceutical supply chain to revolutionize their order fulfillment and sorting processes. This partnership will help in optimizing operations & digitalizing the entire value chain, resulting in enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, and streamlined processes.

NIDO Group’s cutting-edge automation technology and advanced ERP integration, designed to enhance order fulfillment and sorting processes, is set to boost Urmedz’s order processing by 100% while transforming its operations. By utilizing state-of-the-art automation tools, this collaboration will result in smooth order processing and increased efficiency, thereby reducing order processing time by 50% and raising sorting accuracy to 99.9%.

“At NIDO Group, we are committed to driving efficiency and excellence in every facet of our clients’ operations,” stated Nirav Doshi, Founder & Managing Director at NIDO Group. “Our ERP integration with 1Pharmacy’s tech to provide automation to end clients exemplifies our dedication and commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in the pharmaceutical sector. Our collective goal is to establish new standards in optimizing supply chains, enabling Urmedz and other stakeholders to realize their growth aspiration.”

Urmedz, driven by the combined capabilities of 1Pharmacy and NIDO Group, is poised to revolutionize its operations with enhanced efficiency and scalability. Currently operating from 2 fulfillment centers (FC), Urmedz plans to expand its footprint across India, bolstered by NIDO Group’s expertise in warehouse automation and 1Pharmacy’s advanced AI-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS). This partnership aims to digitalize and optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain, ensuring broader accessibility to medications nationwide.

By integrating NIDO Group’s automation technology, Urmedz will experience tangible benefits, including accelerated order processing times, enhanced accuracy in sorting procedures, and optimized resource allocation. These advancements will translate into improved customer satisfaction and increased operational agility for 1Pharmacy, positioning them as a frontrunner in the digital pharmacy landscape.

“We are excited about our integration with NIDO Group, which promises to redefine how we manage pharmaceutical fulfilment,” said Jay Doshi, Chief Business Officer at 1Pharmacy. “This collaboration will enable us to scale efficiently and deliver superior service to our network of over 2000 pharmacies, ensuring seamless supply chain operations.”

NIDO Group’s partnership with 1Pharmacy underscores its commitment to fostering collaborative relationships with progressive businesses, driving transformative change across diverse industries.

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