Was Jesus Real?

When it comes to faith, it’s usually our core beliefs that matter and not necessary any evidence to support it. This is especially true in case of religious beliefs. In most religions, the respective leaders are said to have existed hundreds of years ago. This leads many of us to question if these religious leaders really existed or if they were part of mythical stories.

If we talk about the world’s largest religion Christianity, the number of stories and mysteries surrounding Jesus Christ are virtually limitless. And there’s plenty of evidence that’s supposedly linked to Jesus. But the question is do these evidences really prove anything? Was Jesus a real person? Well, to answer such questions, let’s evaluate some of the primary evidences that claim Jesus really existed.

Nails of the Cross – These were said to have been found in a 2,000-year-old tomb in Jerusalem. They were presented as the nails that were used on Jesus on the cross. However, the story was later found to be concocted. There have been similar nails that are still treasured in various religious places across Europe. Although only three or four nails were used on the cross, the claimed nails available now number more than two dozen. This puts a question mark on their authenticity.

True Cross – This is claimed to be the original cross on which Jesus was crucified. Parts of it can be found in abbeys and churches across Europe. The pieces are so many that collectively they will occupy an entire shipload. So, the revered pieces of the cross are largely just symbolism.

Shroud of Turin – This is one of the most popularized evidence that claims to establish the existence of Jesus. The Shroud of Turin is believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus. It measures more than 14 ft. and has the imprint of a man’s body. It is currently kept in a cathedral in Italy, where it is worshipped by millions of believers. However, carbon dating indicates that the shroud belongs to 14th century and not from the time of Christ.

Dead Sea Scrolls – These are a collection of parchment and papyrus documents that were found in Israel in 1940s. These were dated to be written around 150 B.C. and A.D. 70. In one of the scrolls, there’s a mention about a “teacher of righteousness”. This has led many to believe that the reference is for Jesus Christ. However, as there is no other supporting evidence, the “teacher of righteousness” reference may point to anyone who may have existed at that time.

Evidences may or may not be prove anything, but eventually, it’s our faith that matters. It’s our faith and belief that enable us to overcome the most challenging of situations. Even if some religious stories may seem like myths, we should focus on the messages and lessons they offer. When we do that, it will become clear that religious systems were created for a reason. If interpreted in the right manner, religion can be a great tool to guide us and to motivate us to keep moving in our lives. So, for the original question – Was Jesus Real – you see, it really doesn’t matter.

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